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Flowers Planted In Garden Landscape Colorful Greenery Sunshine

Planting Ideas for Your Garden

Are you looking to accent your yard with some new and different spring flowers to create an ideal outdoor space? Lucky for you, Sod University has selected a few of our favorite varieties of annuals and perennials to share. Check out our list below so that you can add a little variety to your garden and have the best yard on the block.

Proven Accents® Plum Dandy™

This hybrid annual boasts a deep purple color that is a great accent to any lawn or garden. The Plum Dandy is easy to maintain in landscapes or containers as it only needs about six hours of full sun a day and an average amount of water for it to thrive from spring through fall. This plant is also heat tolerant and can be shaped as you like by shearing or pinching. Overall, the Plum Dandy is an excellent choice to accent your garden. Learn more about this annual on the Proven Winners website.

Lady Godiva® Orange

English Marigold

This English marigold is a beautiful addition to your garden and it attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies. This plant offers large, brightly colored flowers that have a long bloom lasting from spring through fall with green foliage. Additionally, the Lady Godiva Orange marigold can thrive in containers or in landscapes as a filler or border plant in gardens. It also falls in the easy maintenance category. Learn more on the Proven Winners website.


Ornamental Onion

The ornamental onion features globe-like purple flowers atop blue-green foliage and is sure to add a pop of color to any landscape. This hardy perennial offers fragrant flowers that will attract bees and butterflies while also being deer and rabbit resistant and drought tolerant. This plant will provide a rosy-purple bloom from mid to late summer and is easy to maintain in a container or planted in your garden. Learn more about this newly bred perennial on the Proven Winners website.

‘Crested Surf’

Created Japanese Painted Fern

This crested Japanese painted fern is a great foliage plant for shaded areas and features beautiful green to dark green fronds. The easy-to-maintain perennial is of medium height and thrives in partly shady to shaded areas across the U.S. This fern is a perfect addition to any landscape as its foliage looks great all year long. Learn more on the Proven Winners website.

Oso Easy Peasy®


This rose features deep pink flowers that bloom continuously from summer through fall and has been given the prestigious Award of Excellence from the American Rose Society! This plant’s foliage is powdery mildew and black spot resistant and is the perfect addition to any flower garden because of its consistent and bold colored bloom. This rose is easy to maintain and thrives best when it receives at least six hours of full sun a day. The Oso Easy Peasy rose is versatile and can be grown in a hedge, in a garden among other plants or on its own. Learn more about this perennial on the Proven Winners website.

These five newly bred annuals and perennials represent a selection of various flowers you can add to your garden or landscape. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to visit the Colors to Make Your Lawn & Garden Pop blog for a list of our favorites from 2019.

All plants need the proper nutrients to thrive throughout the year—including the flowers in your garden. The Lawnifi® Fertilizer Program is not only designed for lawns—it is also a great nutrient package for your flowers and shrubs! Check out the Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box this season or save money by signing up for our Complete Program 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer Subscription. Sod Solutions also carries Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes on our website for a broad array of various insects. Spectracide Triazicide kills over 260 insects upon contact and hooks up to the end of your garden hose for ease of use. For more insecticides, take a look at our full list of insecticide product options on our website here.

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