About Sod Solutions

Since the early 1990’s we have been developing and marketing superior turf varieties. We are focused on bringing innovative selections to the horticultural industry, for the benefit of the individuals who plant, cultivate, sell, install, maintain and enjoy them. Our products are the result of extensive industry experience in the identification, development and marketing of improved varieties, as well as a unique global network of breeding and production resources.

Sod Solutions has identified, tested and introduced improved turfgrass selections since 1994 that raise the expectations of consumers, landscape architects, contractors, golf course superintendents, sportsturf managers, and turfgrass producers – almost anyone who values superior aesthetics and functionality in the landscape. Palmetto® St. Augustine, EMPIRE Turf®, Celebration® Bermudagrass and Sapphire® St. Augustine have become industry standards, while Bella® Bluegrass, Discovery Bermuda, Latitude 36 & NorthBridge Bermuda, and Geo Zoysia are establishing themselves as true performers. Our turfgrasses vary in color, texture and other features, but they all have one thing in common: lower water and maintenance needs.

Sod Solutions provides extensive technical and marketing support for all products. We apply strict quality control measures to ensure that all turfgrasses are produced from approved, genetically pure sources. All products are certified as required by local certifying entities. These patented varieties are grown and sold only through networks of licensed producers, which ensures that the products are readily available across the U.S. at competitive prices.

Mission Statement

Sod Solutions is dedicated to meeting the needs of warm and cool season turfgrass producers, nurserymen, landscape professionals and their customers by developing, licensing and marketing improved turfgrass varieties.

Our Team

Tobey Wagner

Owner & President

Lee Ann Wagner

Owner & Secretary / Treasurer

Christian Broucqsault

Chief Operating Officer

Drew Wagner

Chief Technical Officer

Donna Waldrep

Executive Director of Marketing

Heather Moldenhauer

Director of Communications

Oliver Smalls

Creative Services Coordinator

Brenda Roberts

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Erin Wilder

Executive Director of Field Operations and External Affairs

Roberto Gurgel

Executive Director of Research

Julie Adamski

Director of Retail and Professional Development

Joel Lane

Executive Director of Production

Jacob Long

Software Sales Manager

Addie Wagner

Account Manager

Linda Moyer

Manager of Financial Operations

Beth Broucqsault

Document Management

Our History

If asked to describe Sod Solutions in one word it would be Innovation. Sod Solutions continues to pursue innovation to improve the way turf grass is produced, maintained, and managed. From Palmetto St. Augustine, our first branded variety, to our most current projects, Sod Solutions is committed to pushing the industry with standard-setting products and services.

Our Brands

Our Grass is Green

Ideal for home, golf, sports and commercial applications, Sod Solutions’ turfgrass varieties all offer improved aesthetics, higher performance and reduced irrigation and maintenance needs.