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Sod Solutions has been delivering quality products for the turfgrass industry for more than 25 years. Our team of turfgrass and technology experts deliver innovative solutions for homeowners and professionals through improved turfgrass brands, software for sod farms and distributors, and cutting edge fertilizer technology. We take pride in delivering value to our customers and helping them achieve great looking, sustainable lawns.

Our Divisions

Turf Logistics & ClickSod Software


Turf Logistics is the brains behind this website and what allows our customers to seamlessly purchase sod online using our proprietary software. Our partner farms run our software for farms and distributors so we can track product availability, deliver dynamic pricing, and make it easier to operate and communicate with customers. We also help our farms build websites to sell their products and services online. Visit turflogistics.com to learn more about Turf Logistics.

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Turfgrass Breeding & Development


Sod Solutions was founded by turfgrass nerds who identified a unique and different St. Augustine grass called Palmetto St. Augustine. It has gone on to sell over 2 billion square feet world wide. Laid end to end that would be enough grass to circle the earth seven times! Since then we have gone on to release 13 additional varieties that are used on everything from championship golf courses and professional stadiums, to recreational parks and fields and home lawns. We work with private breeders and university researchers across the globe to find and bring to market the best grasses with the best genetics on the planet. Our research focus is on finding grasses that are less susceptible to fungus and disease, require less water and inputs, and are easier to maintain. If you are a homeowner, you are in the right place. If you are an industry professional or want to learn more about our turfgrass development, check out our pro site at pro.sodsolutions.com.

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Lawnifi / Amp Agronomy


Lawnifi  is next generation fertility for lawns and landscapes. Lawnifi provides great results while requiring 80% less product than granular because of Catalyst Technology that feeds plants while building healthier soil for natural nutrient unlocking. Amp Agronomy is the sister brand of Lawnifi that helps farmers and turfgrass professionals achieve the same great results with an extended product line that can deliver specific nutrients efficiently and quickly.

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Mission Statement

Sod Solutions is committed to delivering technology solutions to the green industry through innovation in turfgrass genetics, software, and fertilizers. We deliver lifetime lawns and landscapes.

Our Team

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Tobey Wagner

Owner & President

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lee Ann Wagner

Owner & Secretary / Treasurer

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Christian Broucqsault

Chief Operating Officer

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Drew Wagner

Chief Technical Officer

Addison King
Addison King

Director of Retail and Producer Relations

Brenda Roberts

Program & Human Resource Administrator

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Erin Wilder

Executive Director of Field Operations and External Affairs

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Roberto Gurgel

Executive Director of Research

Whit Jacobs
Whit Jacobs

Director of Producer Relations and Business Development

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Joel Lane

Executive Director of Production

Christopher Buechele
Christopher Buechele

Director of Customer Solutions

Debbie Thames

Customer Support Specialist

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Jacob Long

Software Sales Manager

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Linda Moyer

Manager of Financial Operations

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Beth Broucqsault

Tradeshow & Event Manager

Valerie Smith

UX Specialist & Content Editor

Joe Blencoe

Software Sales & Support

Gary Bradshaw

Producer Relations & Business Development

Joe Bravoco

Digital Marketing Manager

Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace

Executive Marketing Manager

Mark Kann

Florida Territory Manager

Leah Baker

Digital Designer

Tod Cribb

WordPress Developer

Cecilia Brown

Media and Content Manager

Tommy Lineberger

Business Development Manager – Sod & Aggregates

Chris Vaught

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Our Brands

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
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Our Grass is Green

Ideal for home, golf, sports and commercial applications, Sod Solutions’ turfgrass varieties all offer improved aesthetics, higher performance and reduced irrigation and maintenance needs.
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