How to Care for Your Lawn

Lawn Care Done Right

If you’re like most homeowners with a freshly sodded lawn, you have entered into the “now what” stage. You’ve just made a significant investment and want to do everything possible to have your new lawn root down and establish quickly. Learn how to take care of your lawn the Sod Solutions way.

Sod University

Sod University is a rich resource for the lawn and garden enthusiast and includes educational content, interactive tools, and expert insights on all things lawn care. If you share our passion and want to learn more about providing what your lawn and garden needs in ways that have a reduced impact on the environment, then Sod University is for you.

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Sod Installation

Whether you’re doing sod installation on your lawn yourself, or using a professional, it is helpful to know what is involved. Review in detail with your landscaper to avoid dead grass and issues in the future. When comparing quotes, be sure that both companies are providing the same level of service.

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Sod Maintenance

Every one of our turfgrass brand pages has a general maintenance guideline sheet that can be easily downloaded. Maintenance changes slightly based on location and soil type. We strongly recommend seeking a professional recommendation from your local extension office or landscape supply store to ensure that you are properly maintaining your lawn based on the requirements of your area and soil type.

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Become a Provider

Are you interested in becoming an EMPIRE turf maintenance provider? Download the EMPIRE turf maintenance study guide and take our maintenance provider exam today.

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