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Why Sod Solutions?

Sod Solutions has been delivering quality products for the turfgrass industry for more than 25 years. Our team of turfgrass and technology experts deliver innovative solutions for homeowners and professionals through improved turfgrass brands, software for sod farms and distributors, and cutting edge fertilizer technology. We take pride in delivering value to our customers and helping them achieve great looking, sustainable lawns.


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Lawnifi® Grass Seed

Sod Solutions now has a variety of Lawnifi® grass seed options for renovating or starting a new lawn. Our varieties all come coated with a formulation that improves the germination rates of the seed. We offer both cool season and warm season seed that are in stock and ready to ship including bermuda grass, centipede, Kentucky bluegrass, seashore paspalum and tall fescue seed in various sizes.

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