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Turf Colorant: A Great Option for Maintaining Winter Color in Warm Season Lawns

turf colorant on lawn

Warm season lawns go dormant in the winter while cool season lawns do not. With winter dormancy comes a change from green to brown grass. While many homeowners with warm season grass welcome this seasonal change as a time to put away the lawn mower, turn off the irrigation system and a take break from the weekly maintenance schedule, others prefer to have a green lawn during the winter months.

Homeowners who find themselves in this second group have two options: overseeding with ryegrass, or applying a paint or dye. Today, we will discuss the steps in applying a turf colorant to maintain winter color.

There are several turf colorants on the market; this blog will address the use of a product named Endurant produced by Geoponics.

Follow these steps to apply Endurant:

  • Mow grass for the last time of the year prior to application.
  • Remove any debris from the lawn.
  • Check that rain or snow is not in the forecast for at least eight hours.
  • Avoid spraying in windy conditions.
  • Apply to dry grass or a slightly damp lawn.
  • Read all label instructions.
  • Cover or mask off any areas to prevent overspray on pavers, sidewalks, or other edge materials. Wear gloves and clothes you do not mind staining with colorant.
  • Begin by painting the edges of your lawn that border a surface that needs to be protected from overspray (see above photo).
  • Mix well in a handheld garden sprayer for small and average-sized lawns or a backpack sprayer for larger lawn areas. Sprayers are available at hardware stores.
  • Choose the desired shade of Endurant colorant and follow label guidelines.
  • While spraying, work from the back to the front of the lawn to avoid stepping on wet paint.
  • Adjust garden sprayer to a conical fine mist spray pattern setting to reduce waste and promote even coverage.
  • Apply in a circular motion to prevent streaking and uneven application.
  • If accidental overspray occurs, immediately clean the area. A window cleaner or wire brush may help remove tough stains if necessary.
  • Endurant lawn colorant will dry in about 60 minutes depending on the weather. For best results, wait two hours after spraying before walking on the grass to prevent tracking. For lawns with heavy use, give one full day to dry before re-entry.
  • Endurant lawn colorant will last up to approximately three months.
  • Reapply as needed and desired.

If you are interested in keeping winter color but aren’t really sure if turf colorant is the best option for you, our How to Keep Your Lawn Green During the Winter blog discusses a few other strategies that may be useful for you. To learn more about the difference between warm and cool season turfgrasses, read our previous blog post: The Difference Between Warm and Cool Season Varieties.

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