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Everything Your Lawn Needs for the Summer

Get Ready to Soak Up the Sun this Summer with These Summer Lawn Care Tips

Prepare your lawn for the dog days of summer with tips on summer mowing, fertilization, irrigation, weed control and more! Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to help your lawn remain stress-free during the hottest time of the year.


Summer Lawn Maintenance Guides

Celebration Bermudagrass top view
Citrablue St Augustine Grass Top View Blue Green Color
Empire Zoysia grass top view
Palmetto St Augustine grass close up
Keep Your Lawn Stress Free This Summer with Lawnifi’s Summer Fertilizer Box

Sod University Summer Articles

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips
Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips
The summer season is right around the corner and many of us are so excited for warm summer ...
Irrigation Audit Watering Lawn
A Not-So-Difficult Irrigation Audit Guide
One of the most important factors that go into taking care of your lawn is water. Whether you ...
Grass Blades In Summer Heat Sunshine Lawn
How to Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat
The summer heat can not only be tough on you—it’s also really hard on your lawn. Keeping your ...
Lawnifi Summer Box Bottle On Outside Deck
How to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Summer
Did you know that your lawn’s nutritional needs vary each season as temperatures and soil conditions change? For ...
Close Up Of Mole Cricket Insect
What is a Mole Cricket and How to Control Them
If you have noticed small tunnels appearing near the surface of your soil, or your lawn begins to ...
Insect Fire Ant Close Up
Fire Ant Control
Every homeowner has experienced an ant hill in their lawn at some point. If not, consider yourself one ...

Looking for a New Lawn?

Ordering sod has never been easier. Find a variety you like, receive an instant quote in some areas, or request a quote where instant pricing is not available. 

When you're testing a new turfgrass variety or want to start a new lawn in a small space, grass plugs are a great solution. Grass plugs come in many varieties and cover 72 square feet per tray. Our newest varieties of grass are available, prior to even being able to get it at local sod farms. 

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