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Why Use Lawnifi Fertilizer?

Selecting the perfect fertilizer is a crucial step in the overall success of your lawn. Finding a fertilizer product that meets your lawn’s needs can be tough. From taking a soil sample to finding a fertilizer package with the appropriate amount of nutrient ratios, selecting a fertilizer can become daunting.

Today, Sod University talks about Lawnifi®, a lawn and garden fertilizer that is efficient, effective and easy to use. Lawnifi offers both liquid and granular fertilizer programs to match your application preferences. You can learn more about the differences between granular and liquid fertilizer here

This Sod University blog discusses how Lawnifi’s family of fertilizer products offer a variety of solutions to match your lawn’s needs as seasons (and soil conditions) change. If you’re wanting to learn more about each individual Lawnifi product, visit this blog instead.

lawnifi annual fertilizer give your lawn the nutrients it needs all year long cta
Lawnifi is Efficient

All Lawnifi products are powered by Catalyst Technology™, which nano-sizes fertilizer nutrients to make the delivery process and breakdown of nutrients more efficient. In place of working to break nutrients down, Lawnifi fertilizer is readily available for the plant to absorb through its roots and leaves at the time of application.

Lawnifi’s granular and liquid fertilizer programs both use Catalyst Technology to help nutrients reach plants’ systems at a faster rate. Less product is used and more fertilizer is absorbed.

Each bag of Lawnifi Foundation, a granular option, contains a slow-release nitrogen formulation so that nutrients are available for a long duration of time. This also keeps plants from absorbing too much nitrogen all at once. Lawnifi’s liquid formulation of Boost, which can also be found in the liquid Spring and Fall Fertilizer Boxes, also contains a slow-release nitrogen formulation.

Lawnifi is Effective

Nano-sizing nutrients allows lawns to use less fertilizer and yields better results. With increased amounts of nutrients absorbed into your grass, Lawnifi becomes an effective fertilizer. Lawnifi uses 80 percent less nitrogen and encourages healthy soils and microbial populations through humates, carbon and the micronutrients plants need to thrive.

Since there is less nitrogen usage, Lawnifi is also earth-friendly. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is applying too much nitrogen. When too much nitrogen is present, the ideal carbon-nitrogen ratio is disrupted, and plants stop absorbing nutrients altogether.

As previously mentioned, taking a soil sample can help you distinguish which nutrients are missing from your soil. You may find a large amount of nitrogen in your soil, but don’t see the positive physical results you are looking for. In this case, you may need more carbon and micronutrients.

To learn more, check out our Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn? and Are Micronutrients Missing From Your Lawn Care Program? articles.

Lawnifi Maintain Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn
Lawnifi is Convenient and Easy to Use

Lawnifi’s granular and liquid fertilizers are convenient and easy to use. Lawnifi Foundation’s granular fertilizer immediately releases nutrients to your plants so that they receive the nutrients as soon as they need them. Lawnifi Foundation can be applied by hand, a broadcast spreader or drop spreader and lasts in your soil for three months—so you won’t need to make weekly or monthly applications. Apply Lawnifi Foundation once and be done with fertilizer applications for another three months.

Lawnifi’s liquid fertilizer products are just as simple! Attach a bottle of Lawnifi to the end of your garden hose and spray evenly as seen in the image below. Then relax and enjoy your healthy lawn!

How To Use Lawnifi Liquid Fertilizer Graphic

Lawnifi’s Complete Program 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer Subscription consists of three seasonal boxes—one for spring, summer and fall—called the Spring Fertilizer BoxSummer Fertilizer Box, and Fall Fertilizer Box. Each seasonal box contains three bottles of different formulations that you can apply on your lawn throughout the season.

The seasonal boxes contain the appropriate bottles of Lawnifi to match your lawn’s needs as soil conditions and temperatures change. Lawnifi’s individual bottles of product, are Maintain, Boost and Recover.

A fourth bottle called Grow, combined with Maintain, is used in the New Lawn Starter Box, for when you have just installed sod and are working on establishing a new lawn. The New Lawn Starter Box, which also contains three bottles of Lawnifi product, is the best fertilizer for new sod, seed or plugs. Each individual bottle of Lawnifi covers 5,000 sq. ft.

Lawnifi is the perfect lawn fertilizer for St. Augustine grass, zoysia grass and bermuda grass. Learn more about Lawnifi at lawnifi.com and read through a list of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to Lawnifi in Liquid Lawnifi’s Most FAQs and Granular Lawnifi’s Most FAQs.

To read more about understanding a fertilizer label and the ratio of NPK nutrients included, be sure to take a look at How to Read a Fertilizer Label.

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