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Weed Control

Weed Control discusses best practices on removing current weeds and keeping them from growing in your lawn in the future. Find information on common weed types along with recommended herbicide products and non-chemical methods of removal from Sod Solutions experts in this Sod University category.


Close Up Of Poa Annua Growing Rock Landscape

How to Remove Poa Annua From Your Lawn

Check out some of our tried and true tips and tricks to spotting and ridding your lawn of Poa annua this fall.

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Person Spraying Herbicide On Grass Weeds

How to Use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide in the Fall

Learn the secret to achieving a weed-free lawn: stop them before they grow. Applying a pre-emergent now will keep weeds from appearing later.

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How to Control Weeds During the Summer

Ever wondered how to control weeds during the summer? The summer season is the worst time to control weeds. Learn about some workarounds.

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When Can I Apply Weed Control Products to My New Sod?

A frequently asked question new lawn owners ask is, “When can I apply weed control products to my new sod? Find out in this article.

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Sedgehammer Herbicide Product On Weed Image Min

How to Use SedgeHammer+ to Control Nutsedge

Learn about the characterstics and traits of sedge so that you can identify this common lawn weeds and control it with SedgeHammer+.

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How to Remove Purple Deadnettle From Your Lawn

Although purple deadnettle control can be a bit challenging, there are a couple of solutions for stopping its growth.

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How to Remove Sandspur from Your Lawn

Sandspur can be a prickly nuisance for homeowners everywhere. Keep these noxious weeds from taking over your lawn with our tips and tricks.

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Man Spraying Pre Emergrent On Lawn

How to Use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide in the Spring

Learn about the effective use of a pre-emergent as the season for spring pre-emergent applications grows closer.

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How to Remove Dallisgrass From Your Lawn

Keep dallisgrass from taking over your lawn with these identification tricks, prevention techniques and chemical solutions.

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How to Remove Dollarweed From Your Lawn

Dollarweed, also known by the name pennywort, is a perennial weed that loves humid, warm environments. Discover how to control dollarweed.

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How to Remove Doveweed From Your Lawn

Remove hard-to-control doveweed from your lawn with these effective cultual tips, tricks, advice and chemical products!

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How to Remove Dandelion From Your Lawn

While the bright yellow flower may look cheerful to some, dandelion can be an eyesore in home lawns and it’s often difficult to remove.

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How to Remove Common Chickweed From Your Lawn

How to Remove Common Chickweed From Your Lawn

Although the little white flowers are pretty to some, common chickweed can be a huge nuisance for the lawn and garden enthusiast

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Top View Of Henbit

How to Remove Henbit From Your Lawn

Henbit is a winter annual weed that can be found throughout the US. This weed produces small purple flowers.

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Crabgrass In Lawn Close Up

Controlling Crabgrass in Your Lawn

Crabgrass is a pervasive weed found throughout the continental United States that many lawn owners struggle to control.

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Knotweed Control

How to Remove Prostrate Knotweed From Your Lawn

Prostrate knotweed is one of the hardest weeds to control due to its extensive tap root under the soil’s surface.

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man spraying herbicide on weeds

The Best and Worst Times for Herbicide Applications

Sod U talks about the best and worst times to make herbicide applications so that you can feel confident about weed control.

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dollar weed control close up

Weed Control in Your St. Augustine Lawn

Find information on common weeds in St. Augustine, cultural control methods, pre-emergent control methods and post-emergent control methods.

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Clover And Weeds In Grass Lawn Zoysia

Weed Control in Your Zoysia Lawn

Find information on common weeds in zoysia grass, cultural control methods, pre-emergent control methods and post-emergent control methods.

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Close Up Of Dandelion Weed Yellow

Identifying Common Lawn Weeds

Sod U discusses common types of lawn weeds, where they grow, and how to identify them so that you can know how to best get rid of them.

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Lespedeza Weed Close Up

How to Remove Lespedeza from Your Lawn

During the summer months, it is not unusual to have problems with common lespedeza invading your home lawn.

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St Augustine Grass Invading Growing Into Soil

How to Keep St. Augustine Out of EMPIRE Zoysia Lawns

Keep St. Augustine from growing into your EMPIRE Zoysia lawn with these cultural and chemical treatment tips.

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Weed Growing In Lawn Dandelion Fence

The Best Weed Killers for Home Lawns

Learn about some of the most popular and effective weed killers and the types of weeds they offer control for.

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Close Up Of Grass Invading Bermudagrass And Centipede

How to Remove Invading Bermudagrass and Centipedegrass from a Zoysia Lawn

Sod U discusses how to remove unwanted bermudagrass or centipedegrass that aggressively invades zoysia lawns.

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Top View Close Up Of Goosegrass Weed

Controlling Goosegrass in Your Lawn

Sod U covers goosegrass and how to control it. Although it closely resembles crabgrass, there are a few ways to identify it.

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Close Up Of Dandelion Weed In Grass

How to Prevent Different Types of Weeds in Your Lawn & Garden

Learn about the different types of weeds and some preventative measures you can take to avoid having them invade your garden or lawn.

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Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns For St Augustine And Centipede

How to Use Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns for St. Augustine and Centipede

Sod University covers an easy-to-use product created by Spectracide that is safe to use on St. Augustine and centipede lawns.

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Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Product And Weed Close Up

How to Use Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer for Weed Control

Spectracide Weed Stop is a broad spectrum post-emergent herbicide that kills over 470 weeds including crabgrass.

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Tenacity Herbicide Product On Weed Grass

How to Use Tenacity Herbicide for Lawn Weed Control

Tenacity is a great herbicide option for homeowners looking to treat problem weeds that are difficult to get rid of in their lawns.

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Glyphosate Elements Graphic

All About Glyphosate

Glyphosate is one of the most widely reiled upon herbicides worldwide and is the most commonly used herbicide within the United States.

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Speedzone Broadleaf Herbicide Product On Clover Image

How to Use SpeedZone Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf to Control Clover

Learn how to use SpeedZone Broadleaf Herbicide, a weed control product, as a means of controlling clover in your lawn.

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Man Spray Herbicide On Weeds Yellow Can Wall

Alternatives to Glyphosate for Weed Control

There are many other non-selective herbicide options for weed control in addition to Glyphosate including Scythe, Finale and Reward.

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Spurge Weed

How to Remove Prostrate Spurge

Discover ways to remove prostrate spurge—one of the most difficult weeds to manage in home lawns and gardens.

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Weed Close Up Of Ragweed

Good Riddance, Ragweed

This broadleaf weed is easy to identify based on its hairy, fern-like leaves that are green and feathery in appearance.

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Weed Growing In Lawn Grass Leaves

Weed Control in Your Lawn & Garden

A weed is anything other than your lawn type growing in your lawn that you don’t want to grow there. Learn how to remove weeds with these helpful tips.

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