Developed by the University of Florida, Captiva is a chinch bug resistant St. Augustine that requires one-third less mowing than Floratam . Captiva is a lush, dark green St. Augustine with a dense canopy and a massive root system. It has slow leaf blade growth and lateral spread, which results in a reduction of mowing requirements. Captiva has shown good-excellant shade tolerance. It features excellent pest resistance, requiring fewer chemical inputs. Captiva is an excellant choice for homeowners that want a finer textured St. Augustine lawn.



  • Uses: Commercial, Home
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Blade-width: Width 6.7 mm
  • Feel: Moderately Soft
  • Fall Color Retention: Color Retention Very Good
  • Spring Green Up: Very Good


  • Soils: Sand, Clay, Muck
  • Growth: Stolons
  • Wear: Good
  • Injury Recovery: Recovery Very Good
  • Insect Resistance: Excellent
  • Diesease Resistance: Good


  • Heat: Excellent
  • Cold: Good
  • Shade: Very Good
  • Drought: Good
  • Salt: Very Good


  • Mower: Standard Rotary/ Reel
  • Height: 2-3″
  • Weed Control: Control Good

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