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Sod University is a rich resource for the lawn and garden enthusiast and includes educational content, interactive tools, and expert insights on all things lawn care.  Research and science continue to drive the turfgrass industry, but it is the desire to have the best looking yard that fuels our passion.


How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

Believe it or not, there are a few different paths you can take to make your lawn lush again—and they don’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

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Crabgrass In Lawn Close Up

Controlling Crabgrass in Your Lawn

Crabgrass is a pervasive weed found throughout the continental United States that many lawn owners struggle to control.

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Chinch Bugs Close Up

How to Manage a Chinch Bug Infestation

Have you ever noticed tiny little black insects in your grass? If […]

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Grass Blades In Summer Heat Sunshine Lawn

How to Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat

The summer heat can not only be tough on you—it can be tough on your lawn as well. Be prepared to help your lawn beat the summer heat.

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Lawn Mower Sunshine Summer Maintenance

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer air! Show off your beautiful lawn when friends and family come over for a barbecue or poolside.

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Summer Maintenance Tips Zoysia Grass Lawn Mower

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Zoysia Lawn

With increasing outdoor temperatures comes changing soil conditions. Get your zoysia lawn ready for summer this year with these tips.

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Summer Maintenance Tips St Augustine Grass Lawn Mower

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your St. Augustine Lawn

Summer is here! With public distributions of the COVID-19 vaccine, most of […]

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Summer Maintenance Tips Bermuda Grass Lawn Mower

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Bermuda Grass Lawn

Summer is almost here! Help your bermuda grass perform at its best as temperatures rise and soil conditions alter.

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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Centipede Lawn

As the summer gets closer, your centipede grass’s needs change. Get everything your lawn needs with these compiled summer maintenance tips.

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Summer Maintenance Tips Fescue Grass Lawn Mower

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Bluegrass or Fescue Lawn

Get your bluegrass or fescue lawn in tip-top shape for summer this year with Sod University’s Summer Maintenance Tips.

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Knotweed Control

How to Remove Prostrate Knotweed From Your Lawn

Prostrate knotweed is one of the hardest weeds to control due to its extensive tap root under the soil’s surface.

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man spraying herbicide on weeds

The Best and Worst Times for Herbicide Applications

Sod U talks about the best and worst times to make herbicide applications so that you can feel confident about weed control.

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Spittlebug close up insect control

What is a Spittlebug and How to Control Them

Have you noticed little black insects with red strips hopping around your lawn? If so, you may have a spittlebug infestation.

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Insect Identification

Insect Identification

Are insects invading your lawn? Arm yourself with knowledge about which species might be present and how to defend your turf.

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Bare Spots And Brown Spots In Lawn

How Do I Fix Bare or Brown Spots in My Lawn?

Causes for these unattractive spots range from heavy foot traffic, insect damage, disease, shade or other environmental stressors.

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Lawnifi Summer Box Bottle On Outside Deck

Lawnifi’s Summer Fertilizer Box: Product Profile

The Lawnifi Summer Fertilizer Box is designed to give lawns the nutrients they need to flourish during the summer.

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