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Sod University is a rich resource for the lawn and garden enthusiast and includes educational content, interactive tools, and expert insights on all things lawn care.  Research and science continue to drive the turfgrass industry, but it is the desire to have the best looking yard that fuels our passion.


How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

Believe it or not, there are a few different paths you can take to make your lawn lush again—and they don’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

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St Augustine Sod Close Up Grass Blades

All About St. Augustine Sod

Learn about the history and characteristics of St. Augustine grass as well as maintenance and care tips for it.

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Girl Tree Swinging Lawn And Water Carolinas

The Best Grass for the Carolinas

If you live in the Carolinas and you’re looking to install grass […]

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Empire Zoysia Grass Florida Family Playing Soccer

Popular Zoysia Varieties in Florida

Sod U highlights the most popular zoysia varieties not only found in the state of Florida, but that will thrive in its complex climates.

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Empire Zoysia Grass Back Yard Of Home Lawn Play Ground Red House

Popular Zoysia Varieties in the Carolinas

Sod University lists some of the most popular zoysiagrass varieties for North and South Carolina home lawns.

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Front Yard Of Empire Zoysia Grass

The Best Grass for Low Maintenance in the Carolinas

For homeowners in the Carolinas, the type of grass that consists of the lowest maintenance is the best option.

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Close Up Of Lawn Mower On Grass Front Angle

When to Mow Newly Installed Sod

Mowing at a proper height and at the right time can make a big difference in the overall success of establishment of your new sod.

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Sod Installation New Lawn

When to Fertilize Newly Installed Sod

One of the biggest questions we get from homeowners is when to apply fertilizer after installing sod. Read more in this Sod U article.

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Citrablue St Augustine Grass Gulf Coast

The Best Grass for Low Maintenance in Florida

For some Florida homeowners, the grass that consists of the lowest maintenance is the best option. Sod U lists top turfgrass varieties.

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Man Digging In Ground Soil Preparing For Sod

Sod U’s Most FAQs

Sod University has put together a list of our 10 most frequently asked questions with professional responses.

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Innovation Zoysia Grass Plug On Grass

What are Grass Plugs and How to Use Them

In this week’s blog post on Sod University, we explore some frequently asked questions on grass plugs and how/when to use them.

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Palmetto St Augustines Grass Blades

Popular St. Augustine Grass Varieties

St. Augustine is one of the most popular types of warm season grasses so many are excited to hear about the different options available.

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Front Yard Of Empire Zoysia Grass

The Best Grass for Florida

Sod Solutions has a few turfgrass cultivars available that will really flourish and thrive in Florida’s tropical climate.

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Fertilizing Errors In Lawn Grass Stripes

How to Avoid a Common Fertilizing Error

Learn about a few tips and tools used to avoid the appearance of green striping in your lawn after a fertilizer application.

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Centipede Grass Field

All About Centipede Sod and Seed

Learn about the history and characteristics of centipede sod and seed. Find out if centipede grass is the right type of sod for you.

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Man Laying A Slab Of Grass Sod Down

When to Use Sod, Plugs or Seed

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before making a decision to purchase sod, plugs or seed. Get a better understanding of when to use each.

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Celebration Bermuda Grass Farm Cut Sod

All About Bermuda Grass Sod

Take a deeper dive into the history and characteristics of bermuda grass sod. Find out if bermuda grass is the right type of sod for you.

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Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool

The Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool: Measuring How Much Sod You Need

Follow our step-by-step guide to using the Sod Solutions Area Calculator that calculates how many sq. ft. you need upon sod installation.

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Man Laying Sod Along Landscaping In Home Lawn

Tips for Your Next Sod Job

Sod U discusses helpful tips for the next time you install sod in your yard. Learn from our mistakes so your next sod job goes more smoothly.

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Fall Grass Plugs

Fall Grass Plugs Update

It’s been just six months since we planted our grass plugs at the office and we’re using Lawnifi and keeping them well watered.

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Man Using Sod Cutter On Lawn

How to Use Sod Cutters When Sod Needs Removal

Sod cutters come in various forms and you can avoid back-breaking drudgery by choosing the best method for your job at the outset.

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Brouwer 4000 Large Sod Harvester

How Rolled Sod is Harvested and Palletized

This time of year, it’s not uncommon to be driving down the […]

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Buy Sod Online

Buying Sod Online

Yes, you can by the right amount of the right sod and have it quickly delivered without ever having to leave your house.

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Close Up Angle Of Zoysia Grass

All About Zoysia Sod

Learn about all the different key characteristics and traits about zoysiagrass as you continue to plan for a new lawn.

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The Language Of Sod

The Language of Sod 101

Learn the Language of Sod and all of the key terms worth knowing including cool season grass, warm season grass, cultivation and more!

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Sod Farm Pallets Harvesting

Why Sod?

Seven reasons why sod is the main source of grass considered by golf course superintendents, landscape architects, homeowners and more.

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