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Sod University is a rich resource for the lawn and garden enthusiast and includes educational content, interactive tools, and expert insights on all things lawn care.  Research and science continue to drive the turfgrass industry, but it is the desire to have the best looking yard that fuels our passion.


12 Days of Christmas-Gift Ideas for the Lawn and Garden Lover

12 Days of Christmas Gifts for the Lawn and Garden Lover

We assembled a spectacular lists of Christmas gifts in all shapes and sizes for every lawn lover out there.

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turf colorant on lawn

Turf Colorant: A Great Option for Maintaining Winter Color in Warm Season Lawns

Applying turf colorant is a great option for maintaining winter color during winter dormancy in warm season lawns.

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Man Doing Maintenance On Lawn Mower In Winter

Winterizing Your Lawn Mower

With winter months ahead, it is important to consider taking time and preventative care for your gas-powered lawn mower.

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How to Keep Your Lawn Green During the Winter

Although the first day of fall isn’t until September 22nd, mid-August is the best time to start preparing for winter.

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St Augustine Sod Close Up Grass Blades

All About St. Augustine Sod

Learn about the history and characteristics of St. Augustine grass as well as maintenance and care tips for it.

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Fertilizing Errors In Lawn Grass Stripes

How to Avoid a Common Fertilizing Error

Learn about a few tips and tools used to avoid the appearance of green striping in your lawn after a fertilizer application.

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St Augustine Stolon Growing Into Bare Soil

What are Stolons and Rhizomes?

Knowing the difference between stolons and rhizomes helps you understand how creeping grasses propagate, spread, and recover.

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Reel Mower Close Up Fall Leaves

Reel vs. Rotary Mowers

Learn about the differences between a reel and rotary mower along with the various factors a homeowner may consider.

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Fall Fungus In Lawn Green Up

Beware of Late Fall Fungus in Warm Season Lawns

Fungus is more prevalent in the early summer months when southern lawns experience the combination of warm temperatures, consistently wet conditions, and high humidity.

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Grass And Leaves Frosted

Winterizing Your Lawn

Winter is the time of year that many homeowners like to take a break from lawn maintenance, but a healthy lawn requires attention year-round.

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Top View Of Dethatching Grass

Why Dethatching and Aeration Matter

Although it takes some knowledge and a concerted effort, effectively dethatching a lawn is critical to its health and appearance.

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The Language Of Sod

The Language of Sod 101

Learn the Language of Sod and all of the key terms worth knowing including cool season grass, warm season grass, cultivation and more!

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Sod Farm Pallets Harvesting

Why Sod?

Seven reasons why sod is the main source of grass considered by golf course superintendents, landscape architects, homeowners and more.

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