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Sod University is a rich resource for the lawn and garden enthusiast and includes educational content, interactive tools, and expert insights on all things lawn care.  Research and science continue to drive the turfgrass industry, but it is the desire to have the best looking yard that fuels our passion.


St Augustine Sod Close Up Grass Blades

All About St. Augustine Sod

Learn about the history and characteristics of St. Augustine grass as well as maintenance and care tips for it.

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St Augustine Grass In Florida Home Lawn

Popular St. Augustine Grass Varieties in Florida

CitraBlue, Palmetto, Seville, Floratam, Bitterblue and ProVista St. Augustine are some of the most popular grasses that thrive in Florida.

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Palmetto St Augustines Grass Blades

Popular St. Augustine Grass Varieties

St. Augustine is one of the most popular types of warm season grasses so many are excited to hear about the different options available.

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Front Yard Of Empire Zoysia Grass

The Best Grass for Florida

Sod Solutions has a few turfgrass cultivars available that will really flourish and thrive in Florida’s tropical climate.

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There’s No Such Thing as St. Augustine Seed!

Wondering why you can’t find St. Augustine seed? There is no such thing! In fact, it is only vegetatively propagated via sod or plugs.

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