St. Augustine Plugs

St. Augustine Seed - No Such Thing

Repair Bare Spots or Start a New Lawn

St. Augustine grass plugs are the best way to repair bare spots in your lawn. Or if you are looking to start a whole new lawn in a small area, plugs are a great alternative to sod. Benefits of plugs include the fact that you can plant one and within a matter of months they will spread and fill in the area around it.

Fill In Bare Spots with St. Augustine Plugs

Palmetto Plug

Palmetto Plugs

Palmetto® St. Augustine is known for its shade tolerance and its striking emerald green color. Its ability to resist the damaging effects of the Sugarcane Mosaic Virus makes it a great fit for the Florida market. Additionally, its finer blade than Floratam makes it a softer to the touch feeling than your standard Florida St. Augustinegrass.
Floratam Plug

Floratam Plugs

Floratam has been a staple in the Florida peninsula over the past few decades. It performs well in the sometimes tough Florida climate, but has some trouble in shady environments and high disease pressure zones. Floratam was bred in a joint partnership with University of Florida and Texas A&M which is how it got its name.

CitraBlue Plugs

CitraBlue™ St. Augustine is the newest release from University of Florida’s turfgrass breeding program and offers excellent shade tolerance, disease tolerance and a striking blue-green color. All of these features are paired with slower vertical growth which means less mowing. Trial it out today with a plug tray.

Start a New Lawn with St. Augustine Sod

Palmetto Sod

Upgrade to a Palmetto St. Augustine lawn. The benefits of its shade tolerance and softer touch than Floratam will help your lawn stand out.

Floratam Sod

Need to repair some larger sections of your lawn? Or want the tried and true Floratam? Order Floratam online today.

CitraBlue Sod

CitraBlue St. Augustine, bred by Florida for Florida. The newest release from University of Florida has shown great color and continues to perform well in Florida.



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