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Kentucky Bluegrass is the most widely used cool season grass in America. The premium blend offers the best varieties for your region. Excellent wear tolerance with the ability to heal damaged areas regeneratively, as well as beautiful color and texture make this premium Kentucky Bluegrass an excellent choice for home lawns.

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Our Tall Fescue blend has lush dark green color and finer blade width. It has superior drought tolerance, requiring 30-50% less water than other grass types. It will establish deep roots, making it durable and resistant to wear and also is naturally insect resistant.

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Organic Microclover is sustainable due to its ability to create an eco-friendly lawn that produces its own nitrogen from microclover which is incorporated in the seed blend, and grows alongside turf type tall fescue grass. This self-feeding quality eliminates the environmental impact of nutrient runoff from fertilizer and provides a healthy alternative to chemical lawn treatments.


Our sod truck will arrive quickly with fresh, ready-to-be-installed grass to the following areas:

  • Cape Cod
  • Provincetown
  • Eastham
  • Chatham
  • Hyannis

Now delivering to the following areas:

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We get it! Your lawn needs work. It’s got unwanted, ugly brown spots. Or maybe you need an entirely new lawn. You realize that installing ready-to-walk-on sod makes great sense. But, boy does that sound like a hassle!


Not anymore, now that you’ve discovered Sod Solutions. If the sod you need was any closer, it’d be growing out of your computer screen. Buy grass online with just a few clicks. The right amount of just the right sod will be on its way to your house.

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