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Lawnifi Renew

How much do you need?
100 sq ft 1" 0.31 cubic yds
100 sq ft 2" 0.62 cubic yds
100 sq ft 3" 0.93 cubic yds
100 sq ft 4" 1.23 cubic yds
100 sq ft 5" 1.54 cubic yds
100 sq ft 6" 1.85 cubic yds
Not sure exactly how much soil you need? Enter your address, find your square footage and enter the depth required and we can give you an estimate of how much product you need.

Benefits of Lawnifi® Renew

Massive Root System Icon Green
Quicker Root Establishment

Lawnifi Renew has natural nutrients that help new lawns establish healthier and stronger roots quicker. Renew is a great base for a newly sodded, seeded or plugged lawn.

Genetically Stable Icon Green
Increased Survivability

Whether you’re sodding, seeding or plugging your lawn, it is a large investment. Protect your investment by using Lawnifi Renew and help increase the survivability of your grass. Lawnifi Renew is packed with micro-organisms that help naturally protect from disease without the need for additional chemicals.

Renew Soil Bag In Lawn
Quick Germination Icon Green
Improved Soil Health

Whether you have an existing lawn or a new lawn. Lawnifi Renew can improve the long-term health of your soil. Top dressing with Lawnifi Renew will help grass in soil that lacks nutrients. Using Lawnifi Renew on a new lawn installation will ensure the soil has the proper nutrients required for healthy growth.

Watering Icon Green
Improved Water Retention

When installing a new lawn, a key component is ensuring your lawn is properly irrigated. Lawnifi Renew retains water better than regular soil. With its improved water retention, you can ensure your lawn stays hydrated and has the nutrients it needs to grow.


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