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SodPods™ CitraBlue® St. Augustine Grass Plugs

SodPods are a type of grass plug that are great for filling in bare spots or testing the performance of a turfgrass variety. Our SodPods are available in 16, 32, and 64-count trays. With CitraBlue St. Augustine grass plugs, you can expect rapid establishment, reduced water requirements compared to seeds, and a soft-textured, gorgeous blue-green lawn that’s easy to maintain.



SodPods are individual turf plants grown in trays. They are small clumps of grass that can be used to repair damaged areas of lawns, fill in patches of bare soil, trial a new grass type, or even start a new lawn. SodPod grass plugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to plant, and they grow quickly enough that you won’t have to wait long before they look good in your lawn. Here are some benefits of using grass plugs:

  • Grass plugs establish faster and require less water than seed.
  • Grass plugs are a more affordable option compared to sod, making them a cost-effective choice.
  • CitraBlue St. Augustine SodPods are easy to establish and easy to maintain.
  • They provide a natural solution for repairing a damaged lawn, particularly in small areas.
  • You can use SodPod grass plugs for fun and creative DIY projects.
  • They are effective for repairing or filling in damaged spots.
  • You can test different grass varieties before committing to a full sod order.
Weight 176 oz
Dimensions 9 × 15.5 × 8.5 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
William U. (Warner Robins, GA)
CitraBlue plugs

Received in good condition & healthy, Plugs planted & so far so good. Plugs recieved last year (also CitrBlue) seem to be healthy & coming out of winter "sleep" fairly well - limited spreading so far though (central GA). With these re-enforcements monitoring closely for spreading this year.

Cas M. (New Braunfels, TX)

So far so good. Delivered in great shape

Charles N. (The Villages, FL)
As advertised

It was shipped on time and very healthy.

Nora F. (Saint Augustine, FL)
Good Product with Fast Delivery

I have had CitraBlue in my landscape and it remains virtually impossible to buy locally. While I hesitated to order sod online thinking it might arrive completely dried out, the 2 - 32 packs I ordered were still damp and looked very healthy. After a week, they seem to be doing very well. I also ordered 2 packs of the smaller plugs, which were more difficult to work with, but they are also doing well at this juncture. Deliveries of both types of sod arrived quickly an in good shape for planting.

M.M. (Dallas, TX)
Love it! Won't go back to the normal St. Augustine.

Being a lawn lover and a Northerner, I have only known northern type grasses and when I moved to Texas, I wasn't too impressed with the usual St. Augustine. I have become a huge fan of the common Bermuda as it's easy to care for, chokes out weeds, minimal disease and you can walk on it barefoot. I am catering to the Bermuda and encouraging it to take over most of my 3 acre property except for an isolated section as I wanted to try a different ground cover and found the Citrus Blue. I have noticed the usual St. Augustine comes with weeds, especially the crabgrass and Citrus Blue advertised it is more disease/weed resistant. I bought the smaller plugs last year on sale. Planted them in September/October in the SE Texas soil and was amazed they lived and thriving with minimal or no weeds and have been buying plugs all summer long and just ordered my last batch of plugs to finish the section. This section is the middle of a circular driveway and the color and grass blades is very noticeable, vibrant and healthy, even in this heat with lack of rain. But again, I'm a lawn lover. I love it's uniqueness, how rich it looks and isn't high maintenance. I would definitely recommend Citrus Blue to anyone. One happy customer.

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