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Garden Salsa Live Seedling Plant Pack

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Garden Salsa Plant Pack, where each plant plays a pivotal role in crafting the perfect homegrown salsa. Includes 4 tomatoes, 4 jalapenos, and 4 cilantro plants.


Embark on a flavorful journey with our Garden Salsa Plant Pack, a vibrant ensemble curated to enrich your garden with the ingredients for crafting the best garden salsa. This pack arrives at your doorstep with a lively mix of 4 Jalapenos, 4 Tomatoes, and 4 Cilantro plants, all prepped and ready to bring the zesty flavors of homemade salsa to your table.

Lawnifi plant packs are all set to go right into the ground, making gardening super easy and fun, even if you’re just starting out or want to keep things simple. They’re not only easy on your wallet but also work great in any space, big gardens or small balconies alike. Plus, watching them grow into big, beautiful plants is the best feeling ever!

Our plant pack makes your salsa-making journey a breeze. With its refreshing and zesty taste, cilantro is indispensable in creating an authentic Mexican salsa, offering freshness in every bite. Its rapid growth ensures a steady supply for garnishing and enhancing salsa recipes. Jalapeños bring the heat, their spiciness intensifying as they mature. It is perfect for those who appreciate a spicy kick in their red salsa. The tomatoes, with their rich and juicy pulp, lay the succulent foundation for a classic tomato salsa, marrying well with its companions’ spicy and aromatic notes.

Our selection includes Leisure Cilantro, known for its resilience against bolting, allowing you to enjoy its fresh flavors for longer. The Early Jalapeño variety balances warmth and flavor, making it a versatile addition to mild and hot salsa variations. The Red Peach Tomatoes stand out with their distinctive fuzzy skin and sweet taste, adding a unique twist to your homemade salsa concoctions.

Designed with adaptability, this Plant Pack is suitable for garden enthusiasts of any scale. Whether nurturing a quaint balcony garden or overseeing a vast backyard oasis, these salsa ingredients will thrive, bringing the joy of fresh salsa to your table. The compact nature of cilantro and jalapeño makes them ideal candidates for container gardening. At the same time, tomatoes will flourish with just a tad of vertical support.

Immerse yourself in salsa gardening with our Garden Salsa Plant Pack, and savor the unparalleled taste of fresh, homemade salsa made from the best salsa ingredients, harvested straight from your garden.

  • Ready-to-Plant: Comes with 4 Jalapenos, 4 Tomatoes, and 4 Cilantro plants, all set for immediate planting.
  • Easy Gardening: Ideal for beginners or those looking for a simple gardening experience, with no prior gardening knowledge needed.
  • Cost-Effective: More affordable than buying mature plants, offering great value for your garden.
  • Space Versatile: Perfect for any garden size, from large backyards to small balconies.
  • Grow Your Own Salsa: Includes everything needed for homemade salsa, enhancing dishes with fresh, home-grown ingredients.
  • Quality Varieties: Features Leisure Cilantro, Early Jalapeño, and Red Peach Tomatoes, selected for their flavor, growth, and resistance qualities.
  • Container Friendly: Cilantro, Tomato, and Jalapeño are suitable for pot gardening, making them great for limited spaces. Perfect with our grow bags!
  • Support Needed: Tomatoes require minimal vertical support to thrive, easily adaptable to your garden setup. Check out our plant stakes and ties to help support tomato plants as they grow!
  • Fresh and Flavorful: Enjoy the fresh taste of homemade salsa with ingredients picked straight from your garden.
  • Extend your garden season: We’ve started the plants before they’re ready to be outdoors so you can kick–start your garden season ahead of schedule.
  • Red Peach Tomato x4 Seedling Starts
  • Jalapeno Pepper x4 Seedling Starts
  • Leisure Cilantro x4 Seedling Starts


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Barry (Sioux Falls, SD)

Great product, fast shipping, high quality, 10 stars

Christine L.T. (Atlanta, GA)
various plant packs

This is my 2nd year purchasing Lawnifi plant packs. I love the various selections offered. These plants are delivered right to my door super fast. They are easy to plant & they're healthy. I have them growing right in my kitchen! It's exciting to go home every day and see how quickly they grow. These will be planted in a raised garden bed. I enjoy growing various healthy foods right from home. I also appreciate the information that both come with the plants and that's on the website. Makes eating fresh, healthy food so easy!

James P. (Mooresville, NC)
Great plants

They arrived in fast and in great condition, planted them and they are taking off!
Love them

P.D.V. (Voorhees Township, NJ)
Great plants.

Plants arrived in good shape. Transplanted into pots, and are doing well in my greenhouse.

Matthew N. (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Can't get enough 'maters

I really loved getting these in the mail and how they showed up. I planted mine a couple weeks ago and they're already huge - it's a lot cheaper than buying big boys at HD

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