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Lawnifi Foundation Granular Fertilizer

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Transform your lawn and garden with Lawnifi Foundation, a premium granular fertilizer designed for year-round application. Its 29-0-5 formula provides a slow-release nitrogen mix that enhances plant health and intensifies the lush green color of your landscape. Featuring innovative Catalyst Technology™, it ensures rapid nutrient absorption, allowing a single 25 lb. bag to nourish up to 5,000 sq. ft. for an impressive 3 months.

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Enhance the health and beauty of your residential lawn and garden year-round with Lawnifi Foundation, a premium granular fertilizer. This specially formulated 29-0-5 blend offers slow-release nitrogen, ensuring prolonged nourishment for your plants while deepening the lush green appearance of your lawn and garden. 

Lawnifi Foundation contains a 2% iron component that facilitates oxygen circulation within plants, resulting in a healthy, vibrant green look. Thanks to its cutting-edge Catalyst Technology™, this fertilizer is infused with liquid nutrients at the nano-level, promoting swift absorption and maximizing nutrient uptake. 

For Use In

Lawnifi Foundation is versatile and suitable for all your plants, including gardens, trees, shrubs, potted plants, hanging flowers, vegetables, a variety of turfgrass, and more. Lawnifi Foundation can be applied to the warm and cool season grasses listed: St. Augustine, zoysia, bermuda grass, centipede grass, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, fine fescue, tall fescue, bentgrass, dichondra, microclover, annual and perennial ryegrass, kikuyugrass, bahia grass, and carpetgrass.

  • Use it any time: Lawnifi Foundation is a premium granular fertilizer for year-round application
  • Long-lasting plant nourishment: it comes with a 29-0-5 formula with slow-release nitrogen for prolonged plant nourishment
  • Enhances the lush green color of your landscape
  • Takes effect immediately: utilizes innovative Catalyst Technology™ for rapid nutrient absorption
  • Each 25 lb. bag covers 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Contains 2% iron for improved oxygen circulation in plants

Each convenient 25 lb. bag of Lawnifi Foundation provides up to 3 months of feeding for your plants, covering an impressive 5,000 sq. ft. of your outdoor space. Transform your lawn and garden with ease and enjoy the benefits of a flourishing landscape throughout every season.

For Lawns and Gardens:

  1. Calculate the required amount: Assess your yard’s size and determine the necessary quantity of fertilizer, considering only the lawn area and excluding patios, walkways, and garden beds. You’ll want to apply 5 lbs. of Lawnifi Foundation per 1,000 sq. ft.
  2. Prepare the spreader: Load a broadcast, or handheld spreader on a paved surface like a sidewalk or driveway. Adjust your spreader to dispense 5 lbs. of Lawnifi Foundation per 1,000 sq. ft.. Avoid filling the spreader on the lawn itself.
  3. Apply fertilizer strategically: Start by fertilizing the lawn’s edges and work your way back and forth, ensuring even coverage. Use overlap to avoid missing spots. Apply the fertilizer only to actively growing grass.
  4. Activate with water: Immediately after application, water the granulated fertilizer to activate it and prevent granules from remaining on foliage.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A. W. (Columbia, SC)
New Customer

I am trying this product for the first time. Applied the fertilizer 5/2/24. I can already see a difference in my grass. Looks healthier and thicker. Just what I wanted. So far so good !

Carlos M. (Alhambra, CA)
Weather sensitive

Hola! Waiting for weather to warm up use fertilizer that looks really good!!

Benny B. (Moncks Corner, SC)
Great Product

there products worked great on my new Empire Zoysia sod it helped the grass to spread and grow together faster than any product that I have used in the past. We will continue to use Sod Solutions products

Lawn Nutrition

First time customer
I wanted a granular application that would give my lawn better nutrients
Sod Solutions answered my questions
So far it is giving great results

D.D. (Bossier City, LA)
Use in 90 degree weather

Sod Solutions states that you can use Lawnifi Foundation in all seasons. We are have really hot weather right now in Louisiana and I really needed fertilizer on my lawn and it worked wonderfully. Nothing but high praise. I have a Centipede lawn and the Lawnifi Foundation greened up the lawn over 3-5 days. Really happy with the product.

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