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Lawnifi’s mission is to deliver simple and effective consumer lawn care products that minimize impact on our environment. We wholeheartedly believe that too much Nitrogen is applied on landscapes each year. Our programs use 80% less nitrogen by delivering nutrients that are fully ready to use, encouraging healthy soils and microbial populations through humates and carbon, and providing the micronutrients plants need to thrive.

Lawnifi Foundation


Lawnifi Foundation is granular fertilizer used for residential lawns and gardens that can be used throughout the different seasons all year long. With a 29-0-5 formulation, Lawnifi Foundation features a slow-release mixture of nitrogen that feeds your plants over a longer duration of time.


$134.99 / year

Our convenient annual payment options allow you to save up to 30% over individual bottle purchases. The annual subscription delivers an entire year’s supply in a single shipment.

Starter Box


The New Lawn Starter Box contains everything newly seeded or sodded lawns need to establish thick, healthy grass including two bottles of Grow for improved soil health and one bottle of Maintain to feed the lawn.


$9.99 / month

Our convenient monthly payment options allow you to save up to 20% over individual bottle purchases. The monthly subscription delivers a seasonal box to you at the start of each season.

Spring Box


The Spring Fertilizer Box includes two bottles of Maintain fertilizer and one bottle of Boost fertilizer delivered right to your door! Our patented nano-fertilizers with Catalyst Technology give your lawn the jump-start it needs.

Summer Box


The Summer Fertilizer Box is the best summer fertilizer program for your lawn and includes one bottle of Maintain fertilizer and two bottles of Recover fertilizer.

Fall Box


The Fall Fertilizer Box contains three feedings for your lawn to be applied on a monthly schedule. The Fall Fertilizer Box includes one bottle of Boost, one bottle of Maintain, and one bottle of Recover.

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