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Grass plugs are a great way to fill bare spots or test the performance of a turfgrass variety in your lawn before ordering sod. We recommend planting plugs 9″-12″ apart (measured from center of the plug) in a grid for best results. Spaced 12″ apart, each plug will cover one square foot. Depending on the variety chosen, planting season, and location plugs will usually fill in completely in 6-12 months. For best results when planting plugs, be sure to clean old grass and leaves out of the area to be planted and loosen the soil. Plugs are ideally planted in early to mid spring, but can be planted throughout the year in the southern US. Plugs will not grow in winter when grass is dormant or the ground is frozen.

Zoysiagrass Plugs


Zoysiagrass is very visually appealing, which makes it a favorite for homeowners. It is also works well in both shade or sunlight. Some of the Zoysia brands include: Empire and Innovation.

Bermudagrass Plugs


Bermudagrass is a fine blade soft grass that is very drought and wear tolerant. Some of the Bermudagrass brands include: Celebration and Latitude.

St. Augustine Plugs


St. Augustine has long been the standard grass in homeowner lawns and is often referred to as “carpet grass”. Some of the St. Augustine brands include: Palmetto, CitraBlue, and Floratam.

Buffalograss Plugs


Buffalograss is common and widespread across most of the Great Plains and in scattered locations in neighboring regions. At Sod Solutions we feature one Buffalograss brand: Legacy Buffalograss.

Plug Accessories

Auger Bit


Sod Solutions 1″ Drill Auger Bit makes any plugging job that much easier. Just attach this drill bit to any household drill (1/4″ or larger) and dig 1″ diameter holes with no issue.

Soil Moist

$5.95 – $12.95

Save money on watering your plants with the Soil Moist Root Dip Granules, a water management aid that absorbs and releases water over time to reduce watering.

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