Turf Grass Research

1354047623sapphire_60_dap1358875768empire-research-2At Sod Solutions, we work with Universities and Turf Farms across the country to research the traits and characteristics of our improved turf varieties. Our research has addressed questions on water usage and needs, shade tolerance, traffic tolerance, herbicide usage for weed control, insect damage and control, erosion control, and more. In the menu to the left you can click on each respective grass to jump to the completed studies and current research in progress for each variety.

We also do general research that features research projects involving many grasses or particular turf issues that we have helped to fund or believe that you may find useful. We are always interested in gaining more scientific data our varieties, so if you are a researcher intrested in working with us on a future project please contact Roberto Gurgel, our Director of Research at

General Ongoing Research

  • UGA at Griffin: Mowing frequency x fertility – Celebration/Latitude 36/Discovery
  • UGA at Griffin: Shade under oak trees – Palmetto/Empire/Geo/Celebration
  • NCSU at Raleigh: Shade study – Celebration/Discovery
  • OSU at Stillwater: Cold tolerance – Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda
  • MSU at Starkville: Morphological evaluations (for patent purposes) – Geo and Sunday.


Palmetto St. Augustine Research


Clemson University – Palmetto St. Augustine Tolerance to Asulox and MSMA

Clemson University – Palmetto St. Augustine Tolerance to Various Broadleaf Herbicides

EMPIRE Turf Research


Clemson University – Evaluation of EMPIRE Zoysiagrass at Elevated Rates of Herbicides


Texas A&M – Drought Tolerance & Drought Resistance – EMPIRE Roberto Gurgel – Drought Tolerance Mechanisms for EMPIRE Turf

Fertilization & Deficit Irrigation

University of Florida – Fertilization, Deficit Irrigation and Nutrient Leaching Study

Mowing Frequency

Ozbreed Australia – Mowing Height and Frequency Among Turf Varieties

Erosion Control

Australia Crop & Nursery Service – Soil Strength

Research in Progress

Texas A&M LGIS Ruskin: New Zoysia Study (Internal): Selected Atlantic Zoysia & Geo Zoysia
University of Tennessee-Martin: PGR Study

Celebration Turf Research

Research Summary Sheet

Celebration Research Summary Listings


Clemson University – Two Year Study on Shade Tolerance of 42 Bermudagrass

CultivarsClemson University – Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass Shade Study with Four Cultivars


Texas A&M – Drought Tolerance & Drought Resistance – Celebration

Clemson University – Drought Tolerance of Six Bermuda Cultivars

Oklahoma State – Evaluation of Twenty Bermudagrass Cultivars for their Drought Resistance


Agricumbia – Celebration Requires Less Nitrogen Than 419

Divot Injury & Wear Recovery

USGA – Evaluating Bermudagrass Cultivars for Traffic Tolerance and Recuperative Ability

University of Arkansas – Divot Injury Recovery

N.C. State University – Turf Grass Center Report: What’s New With Bermudagrass?

N.C. State University – Athletic Traffic Simulation

Captiva St. Augustine Research


Captiva St. Augustine Overview – Dr. Kevin Kenworthy & Dr. L.E. Trenholm

Captiva Research Report – Dr. Russell Nagata

Captiva Plant Patent Information – Dr. Russell NagataResistance to Tropical Sod

Webworm in Cultivars of St. Augustinegrass – Turf News

Sapphire St. Augustine Research

Comparative Evaluation

Auburn University – Comparative Evaluations for St. Augustine Grass

Virginia Tech – Evaluation of St. Augustine Cultivars

Sunday Research

Comparative Evaluation

Mississippi State University – Root Morphology of Warm Season Putting Green Cultivars

Latitude 36 Research

Comparative Evaluation

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Trials University of Arkansas – Winterkill Observations – 2014

NorthBridge Research

Comparative Evaluation

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Trials University of Arkansas – Winterkill Observations – 2014

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