SOS 211 Ryegrass Grass Seed – 50 lbs

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SOS 211 Ryegrass Grass Seed - 50 lbs.

Super Over Seeding (SOS) Ryegrass Grass Seed is a mix of 50% annual and 50% perennial ryegrass. SOS 211 provides quick establishment, improved turf quality and stronger spring persistence. This is a great overseeding variety and will germinate with soil temps. in the mid-40s, which allows for successful overseeding results late in the season. This is great both for homeowners looking to maintain a green lawn in the winter and sports fields with winter and spring practices and play.

Seeding Information

For overseeding, apply 10–15 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (50 lbs. covers 5,000 sq. ft.)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF SOS 211 Ryegrass Grass Seed – 50 lbs

SOS 211 Ryegrass Seed is a perfect seed to overseed fields and lawns that are going into dormancy.

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