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Soil Moist Root Dip Granules Product Description

Save money on watering your plants with the Soil Moist Root Dip Granules, a water management aid that absorbs and releases water over time to reduce watering. Soil Moist Root Dip Granules stay effective for three to five years and are designed for all landscapes and growing applications such as transplanting, soil compaction or growing plants inside and outside your home. Soil Moist Root Dip Granules are commonly used on plants including sod plugs, grass, trees, shrubs, flower beds and gardens, containers, baskets and vegetables. Soil Moist Root Dip Granules are great for hanging baskets that quickly dry out due to the Sun and wind. Soil Moist Root Dip Granules are also ideal for new lawns once the lawn is established and requires less watering. The water from the granules are captured and stored in the granules that would otherwise normally run off. When planting new trees or shrubs, place Soil Moist Root Dip Granules in the planting hole to help reduce transplanting shock due to moisture loss. Soil Moist polymers reduce your plant waterings by 50 percent and reduce transplant shock and soil compaction. A 3 oz. packet will dip approximately 3 plug trays.

  • Reduces watering by 50 percent,
  • Reduces transplant shock,
  • Reduces soil compaction and increases soil aeration,
  • Reduces plant stress due to lack of available water,
  • Cost effective solution that lasts for three to five years.


SDS / Label

Soil Most – Label
Soil Moist – SDS

For Transplanting Plugs and Other Plants: Dig your hole for the plugs or plants. Then sprinkle a small amount into the hole and insert the plug or plant into the hole. Refill with soil as needed. Water liberally to ensure the Soil Moist polymers absorb and store the water.

Optional: Pre-mix the Soil Moist Root Dip Granules with water in a bucket to use as a root dip optionally. To do this, pour the desired amount of dry Soil Moist Root Dip Granules into a bucket or container, add water, and mix. Dip the roots of your grass plugs or plant into the mixture prior to planting.

For Turf/Sodding: Use SOIL MOIST at a rate of six lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. or 300 lbs. per acre if worked into the soil at a five to six inches. Use four to five pounds per 1000 sq. ft. (175–225 lbs. per acre) if worked into the soil at three to four inches. We recommend five pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. at depth of four inches for sandy soils. Broadcast the polymer with a spreader or drop seeder for even disbursement. Work into the soil, spread seed or lay sod, roll and soak thoroughly. If applying grass seed, you may want to use SOIL MOIST SEED COAT.

For Other Established Plants: Make holes in the soil with a pencil or similar object and be careful not to damage the roots of the plant if already planted. Add the required amount of Soil Moist following the application instructions on the back of the package. Then water liberally so the granules can absorb the water.