SodPods™ Centipede Grass Plugs

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Due to state agricultural regulations we can not ship SodPods to AZ, CA, CO, KS, OR, NM, NV or WA.

We ship SodPods every Monday or Tuesday via FedEx Ground.

Centipedegrass is commonly grown in the coastal regions in the southeastern United States. Centipede is a tough grass that has a massive root system. Its massive root system enables it to be a very drought tolerant grass and spread quickly to fill in bare spots.

SodPods are a great way to fill bare spots or test the performance of a turfgrass variety. It is recommended to plant SodPods anywhere from 9” – 18” apart in a grid format.

*Square foot coverage is based on spacing plugs 18” apart.
Each SodPod is 3”L x 3”W x 3”H

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF SodPods™ Centipede Grass Plugs

With a massive root system, Common Centipede is one tough grass. That root system allows Common Centipede to recover from damage quickly by rapidly covering the ground. The roots also allow for better uptake of water and nutrients from the soil, making it a very drought tolerant grass.