Latitude 36® Bermudagrass Grass Plugs

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Includes 72 plugs that can cover 72 sq. ft. * (1.25″L X 1.25″W X 1.75″H)

Latitude 36® Bermudagrass is perfect for golf, sports, and home applications. Appreciated for its long-lasting green color. Latitude 36 also tolerates traffic and cold temperatures. Plugs are a great way to fill bare spots or test the performance of a turfgrass variety. For best results, plant plugs in a grid spaced 9”-12” from the center of each plug.

Due to plug trays being a living product, we only ship plug trays on Monday and Tuesday to ensure plugs do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. This will impact delivery time, but all plug trays should arrive within 1 – 2 weeks of order placement date.

Latitude 36® Bermudagrass is a patented and trademarked product of Sod Solutions, Inc.

* Square foot coverage is based on spacing plugs 12″ apart.


Fills in completely in about 6-12 months
Wear tolerant, cold resistant, and shade tolerant
Fine-blade, dark green color, making it great for golf and other sports.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF Latitude 36® Bermudagrass Grass Plugs

Latitude 36® Bermudagrass is one of two bermudagrass developed by renowned Oklahoma State University with the other being Northbridge® Bermudagrass. It shows resistance to spring dead spot and is one of the most cold-hardy bermudagrasses on the market. Latitude 36® has excellent tensile strength and is finer in texture than Northbridge® Bermudagrass. It is an ideal choice for southern and transition zone applications including sports, golf, and homes.

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