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From Farm To Your Lawn Oder Sod Online for Orlando

Sod Solutions is an innovator in the turf industry and has delivered quality products for over 25 years. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment, software and technology, Sod Solutions grows and delivers the highest quality sod for lawns and professional landscapes in the Orlando area. Sod Solutions works with private breeders and university researchers across the globe to find and bring to market the best grasses with the best genetics on the planet. With a wide range of grasses that truly thrive in Orlando, expect excellence in product quality and delivery with our line of superior turfgrass varieties. Our customer service team will track your order and stay in communication with you from harvest through delivery to your Orlando home.


Empire Zoysia grass top view
  • Top Choice for Home Lawns, Golf, Parks and Commercial Landscapes
  • Medium-Bladed – Soft To Touch
  • Easy to Maintain
Palmetto St Augustine grass close up top view
  • Top Choice for Shady or Sunny Lawns
  • Softer than Floratam
  • Emerald Green in Color
  • Resists the damaging effects of the Sugarcane Mosaic Virus
Citrablue St Augustine Grass Top View Blue Green Color
  • Exceptional Shade Tolerance
  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Striking Blue-Green Color
Floratam St Augustine Grass Top View
Floratam St. Augustine
  • Most common St. Augustine in Florida
  • Easy to maintain
  • Meant for home or commercial use


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