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Fill in Bare Spots or Start a New Lawn With Lawnifi Seed

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The Best Centipede Grass Seed for Home Lawns

Learn about one of Sod Solutions’ best selections for grass seed—a new and improved variety, Lawnifi Santee Centipede Seed.

Seed Spreader

Learn How to Properly Plant Grass Seed

Follow our step-by-step guide to properly seed your lawn whether a whole new lawn or just filling in bare spots.

Recommended Seed Products

Lawnifi Bermudagrass Seed – 1.8 lbs Front
Lawnifi Bermudagrass Seed – 1.8 lbs
  • Dark green color
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Exceptional wear tolerance
  • Medium-fine leaf texture
  • Improved drought and heat tolerance
  • Excellent fall color retention
  • Early spring green-up
  • Quick establishment
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Lawnifi Paspalum Seed - 1 lb
Lawnifi Paspalum Seed – 1 lb
  • Tighter density
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Better disease resistance
  • Better spring green-up
  • Quick germination
  • Faster establishment
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Reduced mowing heights
  • Stronger overall performance
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Lawnifi Santee Centipede Seed - 2lb
Lawnifi Santee Centipede Seed
  • Low fertility requirements
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • High germination rate
  • Medium blade width of 5.5 mm.
  • Mowing height of 1–2 inches
  • Crab apple green in color
  • Quick damage recovery
  • Good fall color retention and spring green-up
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