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Lawnifi Liquid Fertilizer

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Lawnifi Liquid Fertilizer


Greener Grass Fast

A Liquid Fertilizer That Restores Health With One Easy To Use Solution.
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Lawnifi Gives Results

I have been using Lawnifi chemicals for about five months and I can certainly see the difference in my lawn. It’s looking healthy and green and I have noticed that some of the bare spots that happens with new sod is starting to close due to the growth. Looks like I have become a huge fan of this product. Plus I don’t have to travel out to my local nursery and pick up two bags of granular chemicals each month. I simply place my order on Amazon and two bottles of Lawnifi arrive in a few days. Very easy. Try it, you won’t go wrong.

I had some fungus damage to my zoysia grass last year. A couple of weeks after I treated the lawn with fungicide (need to address the issue first!), I applied Recover to the lawn (heavier in the affected areas). This product really helped bring life back to my lawn! Now that I have a healthy lawn, I use their Maintain product. Can’t recommend it enough if you have some damage to your grass. Just make sure you know what is causing the damage first.

I had Bermuda grass that had been hurt by a hot and dry Texas summer. I applied in July and it really helped. Not much more expensive than regular bag fertilizer and is easy to apply.

This product works very well, I would compare it with what Chemlawn TruGreen puts on your lawn, if not better. The manufacturer has previously only worked with Golf Courses, but are now selling to the public as well in an easy to use hose applier.

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Take the Next Step to a Healthier Lawn with an Annual Subscription
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Lawnifi = Better Soil

Strong lawns start with a Strong Foundation
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Provides essential humates for soil health

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Carbon feeds microbes to release natural nutrients

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Includes micronutrients traditional fertilizers lack

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What is Catalyst Technology?
You can see results in as little as three days!

Catalyst Technology reduces the particle size of Lawnifi fertilizers allowing plants to better absorb nutrients. The process allows lawns to use less fertilizer yielding better results for lawns and the environment. Lawnifi, powered by Catalyst Technology, allows consumers to apply 80% less product with better results.

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