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How to Use Spectracide Immunox for Fungus and Insect Control

Spectracide Immunox Fungus And Insect Control Product And Grass

Today, we want to share a handy, easy-application product that works wonders when it comes to ridding your lawn of both insects and lawn disease. While insect and lawn disease control may seem like a complicated and involved task, Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control makes keeping your grass healthy year-round simple.

Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus Insect Control Product Overview

First, let’s talk about what this product does. Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control protects your yard for up to two weeks at a time from a variety of lawn diseases including dreaded rust, mold, scab, blights and brown patch. Additionally, this product kills more than twenty kinds of insects instantly upon application. Active ingredients Propiconazole and Lambda-cyhalothrin work together to take care of both disease control and insect control in one easy application.

Pests Controlled with Spectracide Fungus Plus Insect Control

Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus Insect Control offers control over a wide range of both insects and turfgrass diseases. As an insect killer, Spectracide Immunox controls a variety of different types of ants, armywormsbrown dog ticks, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, fleas, sod webworms, millipedes, mosquitos, palmetto bugs, sowbugs, mites, spittlebugs and waterbugs. Some of the diseases this product offers control over include anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, fusarium patch, leaf spot, melting out, powdery mildew, rust, red thread, spring dead spot, stripe smut, take-all patch, zoysia patch and summer patch.

Pictured above from left to right: Gray leaf spot, powdery mildew, a brown dog tick and a mosquito.

For more information about identifying these types of pests, check out Sod University’s blogs on Identifying Common Lawn Diseases and Insect Identification.

How to Use Spectracide Fungus Plus Insect Control

Using Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control is easy thanks to the simple hose attachment on the bottle.

  1. Shake the bottle well and connect the hose to the sprayer nozzle, taking special care to ensure that the switch is fully forward in the “off” position.
  2. Move to the farthest area of the lawn before turning the water faucet on. It is important that you do not come into contact with any of  the already treated areas—be sure to keep your shoes and person off and away from the product at all times.
  3. To begin the treatment, turn the switch from the “off” to the “on” position and with your thumb toward the hose connection. Water will mix with the product and the spray will begin to come out of the nozzle.
  4. Spray the entirety of the lawn completely and evenly taking care not to miss any spots. When the application is completed, wait a few hours before allowing pets or children to resume play.

Read the product label below for a more detailed account of application instructions. Be sure to read the product label thoroughly before application.

Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control can be used year-round, but should not be applied more than 14 times per year. It is best to use this product at the first sign of disease or insect infestation or preventively during high-risk times during the year for disease and insect control. Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control is appropriate for year-round application, making it a great product to keep on hand. This Spectracide product becomes rainproof within hours of application, but should not be applied when it is actively raining or when the ground is still wet. As with other chemical products, wait for Spectracide Immunox Plus Fungus and Insect Control to completely dry below allowing children or pets to play.

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