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Lawn Issues

Lawn Issues discusses information on the various diseases your lawn may become contaminated with along with other damaging stressors like pets. From molds to yeasts and mushrooms, content on the many spore-producing organisms commonly found in lawns can be found in this Sod University category.


The Best Disease Control Solutions for Home Lawns

The Best Disease Control Solutions for Home Lawns

Sod U discusses some of the best disease control solutions that prevent and treat a wide range of common lawn diseases.

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How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

How to Bring Back a Disaster Lawn

Believe it or not, there are a few different paths you can take to make your lawn lush again—and they don’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

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Lethal Viral Necrosis Home Lawn

Lethal Viral Necrosis in Florida Home Lawns

An abundance of Florida home lawns are experiencing an outbreak of turfgrass […]

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Bare Spots And Brown Spots In Lawn

How Do I Fix Bare or Brown Spots in My Lawn?

Causes for these unattractive spots range from heavy foot traffic, insect damage, disease, shade or other environmental stressors.

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Fame Granular Fungicide For Lawn Disease Control

How to Use Fame Granular Fungicide for Lawn Disease Control

Learn how to use Fame Granular Fungicide, a popular product for disease control and prevention in home lawns.

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Freeze Damaged Brown Grass Field

How to Revitalize Your Lawn After a Freeze

Learn to distinguish between permanent vs. temporary damage in your grass outside and a few ways you can revitalize a damaged lawn.

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Lawn Disease Control

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn fungus and disease can wreak havoc on turfgrass. Learn how to identify, prevent and cure lawn disease.

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Large Patch Fungus disease

How to Prevent Lawn Disease in the Fall

Sod University covers a few helpful tried and true tips to help you prevent lawn fungus during the fall as temperatures start dropping.

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Spectracide Immunox Fungus And Insect Control Product And Grass

How to Use Spectracide Immunox for Fungus and Insect Control

This easy-to-use pest control product offers treatment for lawn disease and insects in one combined bottle.

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Heritage G Fungicide Product Disease Grass

How to Use Heritage G for Lawn Disease Control

Heritage G Fungicide is an effective fungicide that can be used to prevent and cure many of the most common turfgrass diseases.

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Fungus On New Sod

How to Detect and Treat Fungus in Newly Laid Sod

Newly establishing sod requires an intense watering schedule that often leads to disease outbreaks. Learn how to manage this common issue.

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Lawn With Disease Fungus

Identifying Common Lawn Diseases

This fungicide guide for lawns takes a closer look at various types of common turfgrass diseases and the different types of fungicides.

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Close Up Of Lawn With Disease Fungus

Lawn Disease Control Strategies

Learn about the basic differences between a variety of fungicides as well as a few strategies on how to use them effectively.

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Fall Fungus In Lawn Green Up

Beware of Late Fall Fungus in Warm Season Lawns

Fungus is more prevalent in the early summer months when southern lawns experience the combination of warm temperatures, consistently wet conditions, and high humidity.

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Hot Spot In Grass

Eliminating Unattractive Hot Spots in Your Lawn

Ever notice an area of your lawn that exhibits drought stress, while all around that area the grass looks healthy and lush?

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Dog Pee Spot

Repairing Dog Pee Spots on Your Lawn

More than 90 million dogs live in households in the United States today and cause huge pee spot problems in lawns.

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Dead Spot In Lawn Pink Flowers Spring

Treat Yourself to a Fungus Free Lawn

If you already have fungus, stop what you are doing and go purchase a topical fungicide and treat the area immediately.

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