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Lawnifi Maintain Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn

Liquid Lawnifi’s Most FAQs

We at Sod Solutions receive a large amount of questions surrounding the topic of our Lawnifi® liquid fertilizer program every day. Alongside our Sod U’s Most FAQs article, Sod U decided to put together a list of our most frequently asked questions pertaining specifically to Lawnifi so that you can easily find important information about the liquid fertilizer program in one location. You can learn more about Lawnifi at Lawnifi.com or by submitting your own personal question through our Sod University feedback form.

1. How many sq. ft. does one bottle of Lawnifi cover?

Each individual bottle of Lawnifi liquid fertilizer covers 5,000 sq. ft. If you have a 2,000 sq. ft. front yard, then you may have enough Lawnifi leftover to use on your backyard as well! When you order a box of Lawnifi that contains three individual bottles of fertilizer, you should still use all three bottles on the same 5,000 sq. ft. area. Lawnifi consists of three different bottles that should be applied on the same area according to the included schedule as each bottle contains the appropriate amount of nutrients your lawn needs each season. A good way to know how large your yard is is by using our Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool. Start by entering your address and drawing a shape over your yard to get automated results on how many sq. ft. your lawn covers.

2. Does Lawnifi have an herbicide, insecticide or fungicide mixed in it? 

This is a question we receive a lot. The answer is, of course, no. Lawnifi serves to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs each season as temperatures and soil conditions change. Although there are certain fertilizers that contain herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, we recommend locating a control product that is labeled to treat the specific weed, insect or fungus you are experiencing for effective (and safer) results. Feel free to browse through our herbicides, insecticides and fungicides online here.

3. I have a smaller lawn that measures less than 5,000 sq. ft. Can I still spray the whole bottle of Lawnifi?

Yes, although you have a smaller lawn, applying more Lawnifi to it is not going to harm or damage your lawn. As previously mentioned, sometimes you can spray the remainder of your Lawnifi on your backyard after thoroughly covering your front yard. It is better to make sure every sq. ft. receives Lawnifi in place of having too little of it and not covering certain areas because you ran out of the bottle. You can also apply Lawnif to any plants in hanging baskets, trees, shrubs or other ornamentals you may have.

4. Can I mix Lawnifi with a granular fertilizer?

In most cases, yes. Lawnifi is usually compatible with other fertilizers, but it really depends on the other product you are using. Read both product labels thoroughly to ensure the safety of application on your turfgrass, flowers, shrubs and other ornamentals.

5. Can Lawnifi be applied on more than just grass? 

Yes! Lawnifi is good for all plants. You can hook it up to the end of your garden hose for an even spray application and use it on your garden, trees, shrubs and other plants you may have.

6. My water pressure is bad. Can I still use Lawnifi since it requires a hose?

Yes. It may take you longer to apply Lawnifi since you won’t be covering the area as quickly as you would with full water pressure, but you can still apply it.

7. Is Lawnifi safe for my pets?

Lawnifi isn’t going to hurt your pets or children. However, you should wait for the fertilizer to dry before allowing anyone (including your dog or cat) walk around on it. You obviously don’t want your pet to drink it, but it isn’t a good idea for a pet to walk around in wet fertilizer in general.

8. Is Lawnifi organic?

No, Lawnifi is not organic. It’s a synthetic, liquid fertilizer, but you actually use significantly less fertilizer with Lawnifi than you do when you put a granular fertilizer down. Lawnifi is powered by Catalyst TechnologyTM, which nano-sizes the nutrients to make them more efficient. Nano-sizing them makes the nutrients readily available for the plant to absorb through its roots and leaves. A granular fertilizer product sits in the soil and waits for water and microbes to break the nutrients down before they can eventually be taken in by the plant. Lawnifi’s liquid, nano-sized nutrients are absorbed more efficiently through the roots and leaves, reducing the amount of product that needs to be used. Less money is spent on granular product for the same results, making Lawnifi earth-friendly as well. Lawnifi uses 80 percent less nitrogen and encourages healthy soils and microbial populations through humates, carbon and the micronutrients plants need to thrive. Read more in Get Your Lawn Drinking Its Nutrients and Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn?.

Lawnifi Recover Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn
9. What grasses can I use Lawnifi on?

Lawnifi is safe to use on any grass type including but not limited to: zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass, bermudagrass, centipedegrass, bahiagrass, fescue, bluegrass and ryegrass. Lawnifi can also be safely applied on hanging baskets, fruits, vegetables, bushes, trees, shrubs and other ornamentals.

10. When can I use Lawnifi on new grass?

Lawnifi specifically designed and packaged a box of fertilizer for newly sodded, plugged or seeded lawns called the New Lawn Starter Box. The New Lawn Starter Box contains three individual bottles of liquid fertilizer, two of which are Grow, and one of Maintain. Grow is designed to improve soil health for your new grass to grow in, and Maintain is designed to feed the grass the nutrients it needs to establish thick, healthy roots. You can begin with an application of Grow immediately after installation. Our Sod Installation Guide actually mentions that you should apply Lawnifi Grow on your already installed turf during the day of installation.

11. How often do I apply Lawnifi?

Each box of Lawnifi should be applied according to the schedule. Generally, each bottle should be applied every four weeks. If you make an application of Lawnifi Maintain at the beginning of summer, for example, you should make an application of the second bottle in the Summer Fertilizer Box, Recover, four weeks after that first application and towards the middle of summer. The last bottle of Lawnifi should be used four weeks after you applied the second bottle. This gives you a bit of a window before you make the first application of Lawnifi in the fall.

12. Which Lawnifi product should I purchase?

Lawnifi offers a variety of products you can purchase including fertilizer boxes for the spring, summer and fall. As previously mentioned, you can also purchase the New Lawn Starter Box for the first 30 days of establishment after installing sod, plugs, sod pods or seed. After those first 30 days of establishment are up, you can then transition to a regular maintenance schedule with seasonal boxes by purchasing a SpringSummerFall Box, or Lawnifi Foundation at anytime.

Lawnifi Foundation is the newest addition to the Lawnifi brand fertilizer family. Foundation is the perfect granular fertilizer for home lawns and gardens. The slow-release mixture of nitrogen feeds plants over an extended amount of time without overfeeding nitrogen to plants all at once. Feed your plants with Lawnifi Foundation throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. Learn more about Foundation in Granular Lawnifi’s Most FAQs. Lawnifi sells individual bottles of liquid fertilizer on Lawnifi.com, but you can purchase three bottles of Lawnifi at a better price in the box.

If you have a question that isn’t answered above, feel free to submit it through our Sod University feedback form. You can also learn more about Lawnifi at Lawnifi.com or by reading Why Use Lawnifi Fertilizer?.

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