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Lawnifi’s Boost: Instant “Green Up” For Your Lawn

Lawnifi Boost Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn

While most fertilizer programs for your lawn are nitrogen-based, Lawnifi’s annual program is carbon-based but includes two applications of the nitrogen-rich product, Boost—one bottle in the spring (near Memorial Day) and another in the fall (near Labor Day) to give your lawn the long-lasting, lush green look we all desire for our friends and families to enjoy. Today on Sod U, we offer a product profile of Lawnifi’s Boost and explain why you should use it.  

Most fertilizer programs for your home’s yard and garden are nitrogen-based. Lawnifi differs from traditional fertilizer for several reasons—to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs and to deliver them when it needs them. Nitrogen is an important primary macronutrient all plants need, but when nitrogen is over-applied on a regular basis, several harmful effects can take place, including the disruption of the carbon to nitrogen ratio in your soil (C:N). In other words, nutrient balance is key, and “more” doesn’t always mean “better”. Lawnifi’s annual program strategically uses two applications of Boost; one in the spring and the other in the fall, but none in the summer.

What is Lawnifi Boost?

The most effective source of nitrogen for your lawn, Lawnifi’s Boost is a controlled, slow-release nitrogen package that greens up grass quickly and continues to feed for up to six weeks. Not only does your grass absorb the nitrogen immediately, but it also continues to receive nitrogen for a month and a half after application. Boost is designed to work fast to enhance the color, density, and health of lawns.

The Fall Fertilizer Box strategically combines individual bottles of Boost, Maintain and Recover for the fall season as the nutritional needs vary when temperatures, soil conditions and other environmental demands change.

Boost is sold as an individual bottle for “as needed” uses, but it is also placed in the Spring and Fall Fertilizer Boxes for a variety of reasons. Since Boost is used to quickly green up your yard, it is important to use it at the beginning of spring as your lawn starts to come out of winter dormancy. Its slow-release formula also allows it to keep feeding nitrogen to your lawn over a six-week time frame. Boost is used at the beginning of fall as well, but for a different reason. Summer heat stresses your lawn out, so Boost is used at the beginning of fall to revitalize the green leaf blade color after the heat stress in the summer.

Nutrient Balance is Key

Nitrogen is an important macronutrient for all plants, however, when it is used excessively like most fertilizer, the C:N ratio is thrown off and your lawn doesn’t absorb nutrients as efficiently. The solution to achieving this ideal C:N ratio is twofold: restrict the total amount of nitrogen you apply on your lawn and increase carbon inputs. Nitrogen is important for your lawn, but the soil must remain balanced, nutritionally, or it stops absorbing the nutrients you spend money and time applying. Nitrogen fertilizers like Boost should be used in combination with other products like Maintain, which contains phosphorus, potassium, carbon, and other micronutrients to balance out nitrogen inputs.

To learn more about how to maintain C:N ratios and promote nutrient efficiency in your lawn, read Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn? If you are interested in learning how to read a fertilizer label and what to look for in purchasing a fertilizer, check out our blog, How to Read a Fertilizer Label.

Lawnifi is an easy-to-use liquid fertilizer featuring Catalyst TechnologyTM that allows nutrients to soak into the plant and soil faster than most granular fertilizers that have to be broken down first. Catalyst Technology also reduces particle sizes so that plants can absorb nutrients better. The process allows lawns to use 80 percent less fertilizer while yielding better results for lawns and the environment. To learn more about Lawnifi and our family of products, click here.

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