New Lawnifi Family of Products Help Lawns Look Healthy Year-Round

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New Lawnifi Family of Products Help Lawns Look Healthy Year-Round

Keeping a lawn or landscape healthy and looking good requires proper watering, fertilizing and mowing. In addition to researching and developing superior turfgrass varieties, Sod Solutions has developed Lawnifi, a new family of fertilization products designed to provide lawns the nutrients needed to be healthy in every season and stage of growth.

Lawnifi is powered by CatalystTM Absorption Technology, a manufacturing process that reduces the particle size of fertilizers to increase the ability of plants to take in the nutrients they need. This process means that less fertilizer is required to achieve better results. Using less fertilizer is not only good for the grass, but also for the environment.

A chelated fertilizer, Lawnifi has been developed to prevent nutrient lock-up in the soil. It is an eco-friendly product that is safe for children and pets just 15 minutes after application and most users will see initial results within 3 days.

A 32-ounce bottle of Lawnifi will cover the same area as a 25-pound bag of granular fertilizer, and it is safe for use on all types of grass. The Lawnifi family products features GrowTM, MaintainTM and RecoverTM.

GrowTM helps enhance the establishment of new sod and seed. It was developed for sodding, sprigging and seeding where soils often lack the nutrients needed for fast establishment. Rooting, plant strength and resistance to stress all are enhanced with its use. When using Grow for new sod or seed, it should be applied to the soil prior to planting and then to the sod after it is installed.

MaintainTM can be used for spring, summer and fall feeding. Iron and nitrogen in Maintain helps grass to pop with color while also fortifying the plant and root zone to help fight disease, fungus and stress. When using Maintain for established grass or shrubs, it should be applied directly to the plant.

Too much or too little water, fungus and general maintenance issues such as improper fertilization, poor soil, and bad mowing habits all can lead to poor turf performance. Once a turfgrass problem is diagnosed—preferably with a soil test, Lawnifi RecoverTM can be used.

Recover is designed to rescue stressed turfgrass and foliage. This product should be applied where there is stress or heavy use. It also can be applied where there is heat or drought stress. Recover should be applied once each month, as needed, to stress or damaged turf, using Maintain for regular feeding.

Lawnifi products are simple to use by attaching the sprayer to the end of a garden hose. A one-quart bottle will cover 5,000 square feet of a lawn or landscape. Learn more about this easy-to-use product that will both green up your lawn and improve its root structure.

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