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How to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

Lawnifi Spring Box Bottle On Outside Deck

Temperatures are finally starting to warm up and the arrival of spring draws closer. A few other things you can start to expect are blooming flowers, butterflies, greener grass and more outside activity.

As temperatures increase, soil temperatures also increase and this creates different conditions within the soil. Your lawn will require certain nutrients at this time as warm season grass comes out of dormancy and cool season grass becomes more green. This is why spring lawn care differs from other seasons of the year.

Sod University recommends the Lawnifi® Spring Fertilizer Box, a liquid fertilizer with a unique blend of nutrients that serve to help your lawn establish strong roots, promote the return of green leaf blades during the warmer seasons and prepare the hot summer season.

The Spring Fertilizer Box is the best fertilizer for spring. Read on to learn about the nutrients your lawn needs at this time as well how to use the Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box.

The Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box

The Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box is a part of the Annual Fertilizer Subscription, but can be purchased separately as an individual seasonal box. The Spring Fertilizer Box comes with three bottles of liquid fertilizer: two bottles of Maintain and one bottle of Boost. The three bottles are strategically scheduled for application throughout the different months of spring.

With its 16-0-4 formulation, Maintain works to fortify your lawn with potassium, amino acids and carbon. Use Maintain in the spring to promote healthy roots and the return of green leaf blades after winter. To learn more about fertilizer formulations, read How to Read a Fertilizer Label.

Boost, on the other hand, is a 30-0-0 formulation that’s designed to revitalize the green leaf blade color in your lawn after winter. Boost also has a slow-release formula that allows it to keep feeding your lawn nitrogen over a six-week time frame. Learn more about Boost in Lawnifi’s Boost: Instant “Green Up” For Your Lawn.

Application Schedule

The spring fertilizer box comes with three individual bottles of liquid fertilizer, each designed to meet your lawn’s needs during the spring months. The first bottle you will want to apply is Maintain at the start of spring to promote healthy roots and the return of green leaf blades. Make the first application of Maintain any time during the first few weeks of spring.

In the mid-spring, (roughly four weeks later), apply Boost to deepen the green appearance of your lawn. Boost will deliver greening benefits to your lawn immediately, and long into the season because of its time-release formula.

In late spring, use the remaining bottle of Maintain to prepare your lawn for the heat and stress of summer before beginning your summer fertilizer maintenance program.

Why Lawnifi?

Lawnifi is efficient, effective and easy to use. Powered by Catalyst TechnologyTM, Lawnifi maximizes plant uptake and nutrient availability to help improve soil structure and enhance the growth of microbial populations needed to thrive in the spring.

Catalyst Technology nano-sizes Lawnifi’s nutrients so that more of them are absorbed through the roots and leaves. By nano-sizing its nutrients, Lawnifi delivers larger amounts of nutrients to plants. The amount of product that needs to be applied is significantly reduced while using 80 percent less nitrogen and yielding better results.

Lawnifi is a grass fertilizer, but it can also be used on flowers, trees and shrubs. Each easy-to-apply bottle of fertilizer hooks up to the end of your garden hose for an even spray application and covers 5,000 sq. ft. For more information on Lawnifi, read Why Use Lawnifi Fertilizer? or visit Lawnifi.com.

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