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Lawn & Garden Nutrition

The Lawn & Garden Nutrition blog category is based on the different nutritional components your home landscape requires. Find information on macronutrients, micronutrients and various vitamins and minerals found in the soil that all plants. need. Discover the best ways to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs in this Sod University category.


The Best Fertilizer for Home Lawns

The Best Fertilizer for Home Lawns

Sod University lists some of our favorite fertilizer selections including liquid, granular & seasonal packages as well as new lawn fertilizer.

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Lawnifi Fertilizer Boxes Foundation St Augustine Lawn

The Best Fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass

All living things need to feed—including St. Augustine grass. Finding the right […]

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Lawnifi Foundation granular fertilizer product

Granular Lawnifi’s Most FAQs

As we progress through the active growing season, a lot of us […]

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Lawnifi Spring Box Bottle On Outside Deck

How to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

The Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box is a liquid fertilizer with a unique blend of nutrients that serve to help your lawn thrive in the spring.

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liquid fertilizer versus granular fertilizer

Granular vs. Liquid Fertilizers

One of the biggest discussions that’s occurring related to lawn care is […]

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Soil Moist Granules For Grass Plugs

How to Use Soil Moist Granules with Grass Plugs

Soil Moist Granules are a cost effective solution that help to cut waterings by half and reduce transplant shock due to moisture loss.

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Lawnifi Fall Box Bottle On Outside Deck

Lawnifi’s Fall Fertilizer Box: Product Profile

Fall is right around the corner and the summer season is coming […]

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Sod Installation New Lawn

When to Fertilize Newly Installed Sod

One of the biggest questions we get from homeowners is when to apply fertilizer after installing sod. Read more in this Sod U article.

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Lawnifi Maintain Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn

Liquid Lawnifi’s Most FAQs

Find important information and frequently asked questions about the Lawnifi liquid fertilizer program in one location.

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Lawnifi Summer Box Bottle On Outside Deck

Lawnifi’s Summer Fertilizer Box: Product Profile

The Lawnifi Summer Fertilizer Box is designed to give lawns the nutrients they need to flourish during the summer.

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Fertilizing Errors In Lawn Grass Stripes

How to Avoid a Common Fertilizing Error

Learn about a few tips and tools used to avoid the appearance of green striping in your lawn after a fertilizer application.

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Lawnifi Fertilizer Liquid And Granular

Why Use Lawnifi Fertilizer?

When it comes to choosing how and when to fertilize your lawn this spring, things can become confusing.

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Lawnifi Boost Bottle Connecting To Hose On Grass Lawn

Lawnifi’s Boost: Instant “Green Up” For Your Lawn

Boost strategically balances the carbon to nitrogen ratio in your soil to enrich and give your lawn the “boost” it needs to thrive.

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Hand In Soil Planting Carbon Nutrients

Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn?

Carbon is one of the essential building blocks of all organic life. Like plants and animals, soil is also carbon-based and needs carbon.

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how to read a fertilizer label generic

How to Read a Fertilizer Label

There are typically three numbers that represent nutrients displayed on a fertilizer label: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

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Grass And Soil Close Up

Are Micronutrients Missing From Your Lawn Care Program?

Micronutrients are overlooked in lawn fertilization, but many don’t know that the right micronutrients can play big dividends.

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