Why Sod?

Why Sod?

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Why Sod?

For those serious about their grass, golf course superintendents, stadium managers, recreational professionals, landscape architects and discerning homeowners, among the many, sod is the only source that they will consider. Why?

  1. Sod makes a virtually instant carpet of usable grass. It will be ready for ‘prime time’ in less than 2 weeks. On the other hand, seeding or vegetative propagation could require 1 to 2 years to be ready.
  2. New sod, from a reputable installer, is never patchy or uneven in color. Seeded lawns are rarely uniform, without reseeding.
  3. In many locations, sod can be installed year round, while seeding is best at very specific times of the year.
  4. The cost/value equation makes sod the clear winner. Its higher installation costs are offset by a long list of factors including:
    • Timing and usability
    • Uniformity and visual appeal
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Limited chemical and water costs
  5. Sod resists erosion and is capable of accepting heavy rains without damage. However, severe weather can cause seed, chemicals and silt to wash away on a seeded lawn, especially in sloping areas.
  6. Sod is essentially weed resistant. On the contrary, seeded lawns, especially early on, require an excessive number of chemical applications to keep weeds away.
  7. New sod varieties are being developed each year, eliminating the myth that sod offers very few varietal alternatives as compared to seed and vegetative propagation.
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lawn care, sod solution

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