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The Essential Spring Lawn Preparation Buying Guide

The Essential Spring Lawn Preparation Buying Guide

Welcome to our Spring Prep Buying Guide, a curated selection for optimal lawn care this season. This guide provides an array of products to enhance lawn health, from weed control to fertilization, disease prevention, and more. It’s tailored for those looking to maintain, seed, or sod their lawns, ensuring lush, vibrant growth throughout spring. Here, you’ll find everything needed for an effective and efficient lawn care routine.

1. Spring Fertilizer

Spring fertilizer, essential for revitalizing lawns after winter, provides the necessary nutrients to kickstart early-season growth, leading to strong roots and vibrant greenery. The Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box, with its “Maintain” and “Boost” bottles, is specifically designed for this purpose, enhancing lawn health during the active spring season and ensuring a lush, healthy lawn throughout the year.

Spring Fertilizer Box


Lawnifi is a liquid fertilizer program powered by Catalyst Technology. For optimal results, feed your lawn monthly during the active growing season (spring, summer, fall). Simply attach a hose to the sprayer top and apply evenly to your lawn.

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2. Spring Pre-Emergent Herbicide Weed Prevention
how to get rid of crabgrass

Apply a spring pre-emergent herbicide before the growing season begins for effective weed control in lawns and gardens. It’s best to apply them when soil temperatures reach around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of herbicide prevents weed seeds from germinating by forming a barrier at the soil surface. Early application is crucial as it allows the herbicide to activate in the soil before weeds emerge, ensuring a healthier and more attractive lawn or garden without the challenges of controlling already-emerged weeds.

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3. Spring Disease Control & Prevention

Applying a spring lawn disease prevention fungicide is essential as spring conditions often foster fungal growth due to increased moisture and temperature. A spring fungicide serves to prevent common lawn diseases that can emerge during these conditions, safeguarding the health and appearance of the lawn. Early application is key to preventing these diseases before they take hold, ensuring a healthier and more resilient lawn throughout the growing season.

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  • Heritage G Fungicide | Sod Solutions  – This granular fungicide offers a systemic, broad-spectrum solution to control a variety of turfgrass diseases, ensuring up to 28 days of healthy, disease-free lawns during spring.
  • 3336 F Turf & Ornamental Fungicide – 1 Quart – Sod Solutions – With Thiophanate-methyl as its active ingredient, this liquid fungicide requires tank mixing and provides a systemic approach to managing a wide array of lawn and ornamental diseases, making it a versatile choice for spring disease prevention.
  • Armada Lawn Fungicide | Sod Solutions – This water-dispersible granule fungicide targets both broadleaf and grassy weed diseases, offering a dual-action approach for maintaining disease-free turf throughout the spring season.
  • Eagle 20 EW – Sod Solutions – Eagle 20 EW, featuring Myclobutanil, excels in preventing and treating over 15 common turf and ornamental diseases, providing a robust defense mechanism for spring lawns and gardens.
  • Fame Fungicide | Sod Solutions – Fame Granular Fungicide, with its advanced formulation, offers rapid absorption and protection against a broad spectrum of diseases, ensuring quick and effective spring disease prevention for lawns.
  • Spectracide Immunox Insect and Disease Control | Sod Solutions – This product combines fungicidal and insecticidal properties, with active ingredients Propiconazole and Lamda-cyhalothrin, to protect lawns from diseases and insect damage, making it a comprehensive solution for early spring lawn care.
4. Spring Complete Lawn Bundle

The Spring Complete Lawn Bundle by Lawnifi is tailored for spring lawn maintenance, delivering a package of products directly to your doorstep. This bundle includes fertilizer nutrients and preventive treatments for weeds, insects, and diseases, all in one bundle so that you can skip the first three products in this list. Each product has been chosen by turfgrass experts for optimal lawn care as temperatures rise in spring. It’s an ideal solution for homeowners seeking to maintain healthy, vibrant lawns during the spring growth period.

Complete Lawn Bundle – Spring


Spring Lawn Care Bundle Lawnifi Complete is a lawn care bundle for spring maintenance and care products delivered to your doorstep. Get lawn care bundles loaded with sustaining nutrients and prevention for weeds, insects and diseases chosen by our turfgrass experts as temperatures warm. Want to see exactly what’s in your box?

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5. Spray Tanks

Using spray tanks for lawn care in the spring is essential for efficient and effective application of various lawn treatments, such as fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. These tanks allow for precise and uniform distribution of these products, ensuring that the lawn receives the right amount of treatment evenly across its surface. This is particularly important in spring, a critical time for lawn maintenance, as it sets the foundation for the lawn’s health and appearance throughout the growing season. The use of spray tanks contributes to a more effective and manageable lawn care routine.

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Lawn Hose End Sprayer


The Chapin Lawn Hose End Sprayer is ideal for mixing and applying liquid lawn and garden products including fertilizers, weed control, insect control, and disease control. Produces up to 20 gallons and finished productIdeal for larger areasCreates an even spray distributionRequires a garden hoseWorks with all water soluble fertilizers and weed control

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6. Grass Seed

Spring is an advantageous time for planting both cool and warm season grass seeds, albeit with different considerations. For cool season grasses, early to mid-spring (April 1st–May 15th) is preferred, allowing time for seed germination before summer. Warm season grasses thrive when planted in spring, especially in May, with an extended planting window in more southern regions like South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Southern California, and more.

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Lawnifi Paspalum Grass Seed


Lawnifi Paspalum is the newest and best seeded seashore paspalum on the market. Featuring Lawnifi fertilizer coated seed, Lawnifi Paspalum is faster to establish. Lawnifi Paspalum’s breeding objectives include a tighter density, better disease resistance and improved spring green-up. Lawnifi Paspalum shares the benefits of vegetative paspalum such as salt tolerance once it has matured,…

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7. Seed Spreader

If you’re planning to sow grass seed, investing in a seed spreader can make your spring lawn care routine much easier and more effective. A spreader not only enhances the efficiency of seeding but also ensures a uniform distribution, which is crucial for cultivating a lush, evenly grown lawn. It simplifies the task by eliminating the need for manual spreading or the laborious handling of heavy bags, offering precise control over seed dispersal to minimize waste and maximize coverage. This is particularly vital in spring, setting the stage for seeds to establish robustly ahead of the warmer summer.

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader


The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader is excellent for applying granular lawn care products or seed. Holds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of product Ideal for smaller areas Keeps lawn product off landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks Comes fully assembled with a fold-down handle for easy storage

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8. Grass Plugs

Grass plugs are an excellent choice for home lawns in the spring, offering a practical and effective way to establish or repair a lawn. They are small sections of sod that, when planted in the spring, benefit from the season’s optimal growing conditions, allowing them to root deeply and spread quickly. This method is particularly useful for filling in bare spots or establishing new lawn areas, as the plugs grow and intertwine to create a dense, uniform turf. Their ease of planting and high success rate make grass plugs a favorable option for homeowners looking to enhance their lawn’s health and appearance in the spring.

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Palmetto® St. Augustine Grass Plugs

Original price was: $64.99.Current price is: $48.75.

Grass plugs are the perfect solution for filling in bare or damaged spots in your yard or starting a new lawn. Each individual plug tray comes with 72 plugs. Palmetto St. Augustine is known for its emerald-green color, shade tolerance, and disease resistance, ensuring a robust and healthy lawn.

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9. New Sod

Installing new sod in the spring is highly beneficial due to the season’s conducive growing conditions. Spring’s moderate temperatures and consistent moisture levels create an ideal environment for sod to establish its roots quickly and effectively. This early establishment allows the sod to become well-rooted before the stress of summer heat, leading to a healthier and more resilient lawn. The natural growth cycle in spring also aids in quicker recovery and integration of the sod into the existing landscape, making it an optimal time for lawn renovation or establishment.

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EMPIRE® Zoysia

EMPIRE Zoysia® is a revolutionary medium-bladed, dark green zoysiagrass that is easy to maintain, soft, and beautiful. It features excellent wear tolerance, requires less mowing and chemical applications, and is chinch bug resistant. More importantly, EMPIRE Turf allows the water supply to be shut off in severe periods of drought without the danger of permanently…

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10. Kress 60V 16in Brushless Carbon Fiber Line Trimmer

The Kress 60V 16in Brushless Carbon Fiber Line Trimmer is an indispensable tool for spring lawn maintenance, offering maximum power for efficient trimming and edging. Its battery-powered design eliminates the need for fuel mixing, starter cords, chokes, and ongoing engine maintenance, simplifying lawn care tasks. With a convenient ECO mode feature, it ensures extended battery life and gentle care in sensitive areas, providing high performance without the noise, complexity, and emissions associated with traditional gas-powered trimmers. This makes spring lawn grooming not only easier but also more environmentally friendly and less disruptive.

Kress 60V 16in Brushless Carbon Fiber Line Trimmer – KG162


The Kress battery-powered trimmer offers the maximum power required in trimming & edging. Dependable operation without fuel mixing, starter cords, chokes, and engine maintenance. With a push of a button, drop to ECO mode for exceptional battery life or while trimming in delicate areas. High performance without noise, complexity, and exhaust fumes.

What do I need for my spring yard? – Answered

From selecting pre-emergent weed control to choosing the best fertilizer, disease control methods, and seeding options, we’ve covered all aspects of spring lawn care. Remember, timely and appropriate care is the key to a lush, healthy lawn. Use these tools and tips to prepare your lawn for the upcoming season, ensuring it remains vibrant and resilient all year long.

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