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Lawnifi Paspalum Grass Seed Product On Grass

The Best Paspalum Grass Seed for Home Lawns

Seashore paspalum grass is a globally popular turfgrass that thrives from Florida to Pennsylvania and west to Texas. This salt-tolerant grass is commonly used in golf courses, sports fields and coastal landscaping.

It can be established via sod, sprigs or seeds, with seeding being a popular, energy-efficient choice for homeowners.

Lawnifi® Paspalum Seed is the top seeded variety. It is known for its dense growth, improved disease resistance and enhanced spring green-up.

Lawnifi Paspalum Seed Product Overview

Lawnifi Paspalum boasts improved qualities, including salt tolerance, quick recovery, a dark green hue and an upright growth habit for optimal playability. Available in a one-pound container, it delivers superior turfgrass quality once germinated and established.

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How to Use Lawnifi Paspalum Seed

Lawnifi Paspalum Seed is versatile and ideal for starting new lawns, overseeding, or patching bare spots. It’s perfect for enhancing sparse areas, ensuring a uniformly lush lawn.

How to Use Lawnifi Paspalum Seed for Overseeding

A one-pound container of Lawnifi Paspalum Seed covers approximately 2,000 sq. ft. for overseeding. Simply hand-toss or use a broadcast or drop spreader to apply the seed to bare areas, setting the spreader to distribute half a pound per 2,000 sq. ft.

How to Use Lawnifi Paspalum Seed for New Lawns

To start a new lawn with Lawnifi Paspalum, apply one pound of seed per 1,000 sq. ft. using a broadcast or drop spreader. A one-pound container covers 1,000 sq. ft. Additional details are available on the product label.

Lawnifi Paspalum Seed is the premier seashore paspalum seed on the market, offering durability and flexible mowing heights—ideal for southern coastal lawns.

Lawnifi Paspalum Grass Seed

Lawnifi Paspalum is the newest and best seeded seashore paspalum on the market. Featuring Lawnifi fertilizer coated seed, Lawnifi Paspalum is faster to establish. Lawnifi Paspalum’s breeding objectives include a tighter density, better disease resistance and improved spring green-up. Lawnifi Paspalum shares the benefits of vegetative paspalum such as salt tolerance once it has matured,…

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