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The Best Grass for Low Maintenance in Texas

Are you interested in buying sod for your Texas home lawn? One of the things homeowners are most concerned with when choosing a grass is finding the best grass for low maintenance. There isn’t just one type of grass that wins the best grass for Texas overall—there are actually a few options that make excellent choices. If you are looking to take the prize for best lawn in your neighborhood without spending hours and hours on maintenance, look no further than our roundup of best low maintenance grasses for South Texas.

What sort of maintenance goes into grass?

Not all grasses are created equally—in fact, each grass type’s maintenance requirements differ from one another. All natural turfgrass requires some form of maintenance such as mowing, watering, fertilizing, weed control, insect control and fungus control. However, some grasses are bred to need less maintenance in certain areas, such as watering. If you choose to install a grass that’s really drought tolerant, you may not need to water it as frequently and, as a result, save money on your water bill. Being able to narrow down which specific types of maintenance you don’t want to perform as often helps.

Which grass is best for low maintenance?

There are several turfgrasses listed below that are really known for their low maintenance properties in comparison to other grasses on the market in Southern Texas. The answer to this question, however, greatly depends on what you are looking for. As previously stated, narrowing down what specific maintenance you don’t want to perform as often will help you make a better decision. Every turfgrass is different from one another and has a variety of different characteristics to offer.

The Best Bermudagrass for Low Maintenance in Southern Texas

Celebration® Bermudagrass is loved for its deep blue-green color and ability to stand up to heavy traffic, recover quickly and withstand periods of drought. Its dense canopy allows it to easily outcompete weeds so that you won’t have to spend as much money controlling or preventing weeds as you might with another turfgrass variety. This grass is great for less frequent irrigation requirements and for the dry climate of Southern Texas. Celebration also requires less fertilizer than other varieties in its category, which makes it a fantastic low maintenance option.

Celebration is used on sports fields and golf courses around the world due to its aesthetic beauty and its ability to stand up to heavy traffic. This gorgeous turfgrass variety has high curb appeal and is great for homeowners with pets or children who love to run around outside. Celebration stands up to heavy traffic, but if damaged, it recovers fairly quickly. It has an aggressive growing habit that will quickly recover from damage so that you don’t have to fill in any bare spots. However, this aggressive growing habit may mean more mowing or edging along the edges of driveways and sidewalks. Celebration:

  • Recovers from damage quickly so you don’t have to spend time or money filling in any bare spots,
  • Chokes out weeds with a dense canopy,
  • Endures periods of drought really well without immediately going off-color,
  • Saves money spent on water, and
  • Recovers from other stressors like insect and disease damage fairly quickly.

To learn more about the maintenance Celebration requires, visit our Celebration Homeowner Maintenance Guide.

Latitude 36® Bermudagrass is a fine-textured, visually appealing grass that is at the same time disease resistant and tolerant of high traffic. Like Celebration, Latitude 36 demonstrates great recovery ability, which homeowners with pets and families love. Moderate watering and fertilization are the easy requirements needed to keep your Latitude 36 Bermudagrass lawn healthy and thriving. Latitude 36 is by far one of the prettiest bermudagrasses available. Its visual appeal often surpasses that of other bermudagrasses on the market. Its increased traffic tolerance and recovery rate allow for it to be installed on sports fields and golf courses around the world. Latitude 36:

  • Is one of the prettiest grasses due to its fine texture,
  • Is more disease resistant, which allows homeowners to spend less money and time on fungicides,
  • Has increased traffic tolerance, and
  • Will thrive in the southern two-thirds of the United States.

To learn more about the maintenance Latitude 36 requires, visit our Latitude 36 Homeowner Maintenance Guide.

The Best Zoysia Grass for Low Maintenance in Southern Texas

InnovationTM Zoysia is a hardy, dark zoysia grass that boasts a medium-fine texture with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look that any homeowner would love. It is a newer, more versatile zoysia grass developed by researches at Kansas State University and Texas A&M University. This turfgrass is also one of the most shade tolerant of options—a feature that is beneficial to many home lawns with trees or shade from other houses. Innovation consistently maintains a denser canopy than most other zoysias on the market such as Meyer, which makes it more likely to outcompete weeds. In turn, this saves you time and money on pulling weeds or making herbicide applications. Innovation needs moderate watering and fertilization unlike many other options that are suitable for the southern two-thirds of the United States. Innovation:

  • Has a denser canopy that makes it more competitive against weeds,
  • Is bluegrass billbug resistant and fends off other insects well,
  • Has a rapid growth rate that recovers from damage quickly, and
  • Has a fine leaf texture, which allows for increased shade tolerance.

To learn more about the maintenance Innovation requires, visit our Innovation Homeowner Maintenance Guide.

The Best St. Augustine Grass for Low Maintenance in Southern Texas

Palmetto® St. Augustine is the #1 selling patented turfgrass in the world for a reason, and its qualities are perfect for South Texas conditions. With more than two billion sq. ft. sold, Palmetto is the ideal choice for residential use. Aside from its stunning color and lush texture, it demonstrates superior heat, shade and drought tolerance making it a smart choice for homeowners look for as little maintenance as possible. Palmetto just needs moderate fertilization and watering compared to its much higher maintenance competition. This turfgrass variety is a semi-dwarf St. Augustine, which allows for less mowing. It has a compact canopy that outcompetes weeds and adapts well to a wide range of climates and temperatures. Palmetto:

  • Is a semi-dwarf St. Augustine, which allows for less mowing,
  • Has a compact canopy that outcompetes weeds,
  • Adapts well to a variety of climates including the Southern Texas area,
  • Demonstrates unmatched shade tolerance compared to other grasses in the Southern Texas market, and
  • Has superior heat and drought tolerance, allowing homeowners in the Southern Texas location to spend less time and money on irrigation.

To learn more about the maintenance Palmetto St. Augustine requires, visit our Palmetto St. Augustine Homeowner Maintenance Guide.

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