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Sod University 2019 Best Of: A Highlight of Sod U’s Most Popular Blogs

This year, the Sod U team has been proud to bring you outstanding content covering a variety of lawn and yard care topics on our weekly blog. We want to share the blogs that were most read and loved by our readers. Here are the top 10 blogs of 2019:

1. Earth Day: Environmental Impacts of Artificial vs. Natural Turfgrass

The top blog of the year covered a hot topic: the impacts that artficial vs. natural turf have on the environment. Sod University published this Earth Day article to celebrate the environmental impact our industry has had on the planet. Learn why the artificial turf trend is harmful in many ways when it comes to keeping air and runoff water clean and how natural turf is a safer alternative that also works to benefit planet Earth. Read more here.

2. Latitude 36 & NorthBridge Bermudagrass: Breeder Profile

This blog features a fascinating interview with Dr. Yanqi Wu who played a major role in breeding Latitude 36™️ and NorthBridge® Bermudagrass at Oklahoma State University. The two grasses have taken the sports and golf industries by storm, and in his interview, Dr. Wu explains why. Check out Dr. Wu’s interview here.

3. Sod Cutters: When Sod Needs Removal

A practical FYI about sod removal and sod cutters, Sod University features a guest blog by the marketing and sales team of CLASSEN®. This blog proved to be a handy resource for readers who need to remove and replace their sod by discussing the importance of removing sod properly while avoiding back-breaking work and explaining how walk-behind sod cutters work. Learn more here.

4. Lawnifi’s Boost: Instant ‘Green Up’ for Your Lawn

Lawnifi’s® Boost is one of our top fertilizer products for good reason. Lawnifi’s annual program is made up of carbon-based fertilizer, but includes two applications of the nitrogen-rich product, Boost. Learn all about what goes into this controlled, slow-release nitrogen product and why we have it scheduled for application during specific times of the year. Find out why this product might just be the “boost” your lawn needs to thrive by reading the blog here.

5. How to Choose a Sod Installation Company

Thinking about replacing the sod in your yard? This is a must-read! Understanding what goes into sod installation and why cheaper doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal is crucial when choosing a sod installation company. Know what to look for in a sod installation company so you can make the best choice for your yard and spend money wisely. Sod University features an interview with Josh at J.S.J. Unlimited, LLC. who discusses a few tips when it comes to choosing a sod installation company. Learn more.

6. Colors to Make Your Lawn and Garden Pop

Already thinking forward to warmer weather? This blog is a great place to start when planning out how you’ll make your garden come alive in the coming spring. Sod University briefly touches on the differences between annuals and perennials and highlights some of our favorite selections of 2019. Check out this article here.

7. Grasses on High Profile Sports Fields: The 2019 Football Season is Upon Us!

Do you ever wonder what kind of grass your favorite sports teams play on? Sod Solutions’ premium varieties of turfgrass make a few of the high profile sports fields! From Celebration Bermudagrass on Louisiana State University’s football field to NorthBridge Bermudagrass on the Baltimore Ravens football field, Sod University provides details about which grasses some of the top teams in the country choose and how turf plays into the game. Read the article here.

8. Lawn Disease Control Strategies: Applying Fungicides with Different Chemistries

When it comes to ridding your lawn of unsightly and potentially harmful disease, it’s best to have a thoughtful strategy in place. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to spend loads of money and time on a proven, trusted fungicide that doesn’t deliver expected results. Combining fungicide applications with differing chemistries is a good way to tackle even the most difficult lawn diseases. Learn more here.

9. 10 Essential Lawn & Garden Books

Did you receive gift cards or extra spending money after Christmas? Gift yourself with some excellent reads that will help you achieve the lawn and garden you’ve always dreamed of this coming year. Sod University recommends 10 great lawn and garden care books to readers who want to expand their knowledge on lawn care. Check them out here.

Sod University thanks its many readers for making Sod University a success. Whether you read our blog regularly via an email subscription, social media feed, or by simply visiting the site, Sod University aims to tailor content towards homeowner needs. We encourage you to submit your lawn-related questions through our feedback form here. Subscribe to our e-newsletter below if you haven’t done so already to receive the latest updates from Sod University.

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