Love Your Lawn: Sod U’s Seven Summer Lawn Blogs

Love Your Lawn: Sod U’s Seven Summer Lawn Blogs

Sod University

Love Your Lawn: Sod University’s Seven Summer Blogs

The summer heat is here! Along with the increasing temperatures and  summer storms comes the importance of ensuring your lawn and garden are well prepared for the changing weather. Afterall, the summer heat is not only tough on you or your family dog—it can also stress out your garden and lawn. Sod University has an abundance of helpful information to assist you in caring for your lawn and garden this summer. This blog is a compilation of our Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips blog and videos that we published last week, and a few other previous blogs we have repurposed so that a wealth of information is available from one spot.

Summer heat

Take a look at this blog to read general information pertaining to proper watering and irrigation practices, mowing procedures for warm and cool season grasses, and recommended fertilizers. This blog contains basic information about these three practices to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant throughout the summer months. Click here to read more. 

Sod University has distinguished six main factors that go into caring for your lawn: mowing, insect control, weed control, disease control, soil management, and irrigation. With the summer heat comes the importance of drinking lots of water—and your lawn needs water too! This blog focuses on irrigation and its best practices. Learn how to measure one inch of water in your lawn, when and how often to water, what a lawn’s water holding capacity means, and a few recommended tools homeowners use to monitor how much water is going into their lawns. Click here to read more. 

Regularly mowing your lawn promotes vertical growth and lateral density; it also provides the manicured look you desire. However, not all grass types are mowed at the same height, so you need to know your lawn type and what it requires. Check this blog out to read more about mowing height, frequency and consistency, and mulching. You can also see some of our top recommended fertilizers to help you get the job done right for a good deal. To read more, click here

Hot Spot

Ever notice an area of your lawn that, for unknown reasons, exhibits drought stress; i.e., the leaf blades start to curl and look dry, while all around that area the grass looks healthy, lush and normal? Landscape professionals refer to these areas as “hot spots” or “localized dry spots.” These areas can be frustrating to a homeowner who has taken steps to make sure they have an irrigation system that covers the entire lawn. Read this blog to learn about preventative and curative steps that can help keep all areas of your lawn green, vibrant, and hot-spot free.


It is becoming clear that alternatives to traditional fertilizers exist today. Advanced research and new technology have led to the development of liquid fertilizers worthy of serious consideration.

It all starts with the indisputable fact that lawns do not eat their nutrients…they drink them! Imagine then that you could opt for a fertilizer that is easier to apply, is effective over a wider soil pH range, and requires less product and work. Lawnifi, a cutting-edge liquid fertilizer, even reduces the age-old problems associated with ionic nutrient lock-up. Check out this blog to get a surface-level understanding of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, soil pH, soil tests, and more information on Lawnifi. 

Insect Control

We have all been there; the weather just starts getting nice. It’s warm, but not too hot, humid, but not overbearing. The trees are just starting to green up and the birds are chirping. You decide to have some friends over for drinks and a BBQ. After all, you’ve felt quarantined inside your home all winter. So, you set up some chairs outside and all of a sudden, your friends arrive. No, not the ones you’ve invited, but rather the ones that buzz, bite, and somehow find any exposed flesh on which to feast. We can’t let that happen. It’s time to reclaim you outdoor space so that you can enjoy your summer to the max: Read more

Are you looking for summer lawn maintenance tips geared towards your specific type of grass? Whether your lawn is made up of zoysia, bermuda, or St. Augustine, find grass-specific tips for your lawn this summer. This blog even includes information for various brands of grasses from EMPIRE Turf Zoysia, Celebration Bermudagrass, or Palmetto St. Augustine, to GeoZoysia, Latitude 36, and NorthBridge. With three accompanying videos that discuss best fertilization, irrigation, and mowing practices, and downloadable Homeowner Maintenance Guide PDFs, find out the best way to care for your lawn here

These seven blogs provide information and tips for your lawn this summer. From mosquito prevention and irrigation best practices, to eliminating hot spots and summer mowing instructions, Sod U provides you with the information you may need to help your lawn survive the summer. Keep an eye out for our next blog about planting sod plugs. Sod Solutions is conducting a  time-lapse with CitraBlue St. Augustine and Innovation Zoysiagrass plugs to see how long it takes for plugs to grow in. 

Want to learn more about achieving a great lawn? Check out our other Sod University tips here.

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