Installing Sod

Installing Sod

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Installing Sod

Installing sod needs to be done properly from the get-go to ensure long-term success.  Whether you choose the D.I.Y route or hire a professional, here’s what you need to know to get the job done right.

Step 1

The first step is selecting the right kind of grass for the area.  If heavy shade is an issue, it’s important to choose a shade tolerant variety.  If the area gets heavy traffic, go for a tough, durable variety.  Understand that a “one type fits all” solution doesn’t apply when it comes to turfgrass.  New varieties on the market combine a combination of benefits that give the consumer much better choices today than twenty years ago.

Step 2

The second step involves deciding how much sod to order.  One of the most efficient tools available for outdoor measuring of spaces is the area calculator on  There simply isn’t a better square foot calculator that is free to use.  Visit and follow the easy click-steps to find out how much sod to order.  As a rule of thumb, always order 10% more than is needed.

Step 3

The third step in the turfgrass installation process is to prep for new grass; this step cannot be stressed enough.  The success of the new grass will be directly dependent on the conditions in which it is laid.  If the soil is bad, the new grass will likely struggle to get the nutrients it needs for establishment. To help, amendments can be added before the install like compost or lime.  Discover what type of amendments will be needed with a soil test from a lawn and garden center or a local university extension agent.

Step 4

The fourth step is to lay the new grass.  Once the new sod has arrived, it should be immediately installed.  There is a science to properly placing each piece of sod to ensure no gaps or overlaps.  Placement never includes stretching the sod to make it fit a particular area. Trimming for non-rectangular areas is an art that qualified installers have mastered.

Step 5

Finally, the fifth step is to water the newly installed sod; this step should take place within 30 minutes of completion.  It should be watered once to twice daily to ensure the turf is moist until firmly rooted. (This process takes approximately 2 weeks.) After two weeks time, test the roots by attempting to lift the edges of the sod.  The grass should be rooted tightly.  After strong roots have grown, less frequent, deeper watering should begin.

For more detailed instructions regarding installing sod, visit our Sod Installation page. To ensure a healthy, thriving lawn after installation, it is very important to select a good nutritional program during the first 6 weeks. Lawnifi’s New Lawn Starter Box comes complete with everything you’ll need: three bottles of fertilizer developed especially for the care of your new lawn and easy to follow instructions.

Sod Solution, Lawn Care

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