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How Do I Know How Much Sod I Need for My Yard?

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After determining that your lawn needs new grass, it’s time to measure how much sod to order. Using the standard method, a calculator is used to mark sections of the lawn to take a “best guess” as to how many square feet to order. Greatly overestimating or more frequently, underestimating the actual amount has been a headache for homeowners over the years.

Sod Solutions has created a much simpler, more accurate Area Calculator to remove much of the guesswork. This tool renders a pretty close estimate as to how much sod a given area requires. 

Tip: Remember when ordering, it’s always better to order 10 percent more than you think will be needed.

To use the Area Calculator, visit areacalculator.sodsolutions.com, and enter your address. An overhead satellite image of your property will appear. Zoom to get the best view of the area (or areas) you plan to sod. Select the “Create Overlay” button on the left-hand side. Now select waypoints on the map by clicking the corners of the lawn. It is easy to create as many overlays as needed, and you can even use predefined shapes. Note that as you finish each overlay, the square footage and square yardage of each are displayed in the boxes on the left. 

When you have completed the desired overlay, email the map via the button on the left, or export and save the map as a .kml file to be opened in Google Earth or Google Maps

Using the Area Calculator will markedly improve any sod purchase calculation. For a detailed guide on using the Area Calculator, read The Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool: Measuring How Much Sod You Need. You can also check out our Sod Sales Tool by clicking the button below to get started with finding the best grass for your needs.

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