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How Much Does Sod Cost?

Typically, homeowners can expect to spend between $3,000 and $7,500 for sod for your home. Understanding the true cost of sod for your lawn involves navigating a maze of variables that can significantly impact the final price – that’s why we created this instant sod quote tool so you don’t have to deal with the math or finding a sod farm near you.

Sod prices may vary based on the type of grass, your geographic location, the specific farm, and the methods used for harvesting and preparing the sod pallets. This complexity arises because each of these factors can influence the effort and resources required to deliver a lush, healthy palette of sod to your doorstep. Let’s go through some of these.

Factors Influencing Sod Prices

Zoysia and St. Augustine sod can cost a bit more than centipede grass or other sod varieties. The price per square foot for the same kind of grass might change based on where you live.

Sod prices can vary based on the seller. Remember to consider professional installation and delivery fees as well. If you opt for DIY installation, think about the costs of tools you might need, like renting a rototiller or sod cutter to remove old sod.

The cost for sod depends on a lot of different factors, but in general:

  • $0.30–$0.75 per sq. ft.
  • $135–$340 per pallet that covers 452 sq. ft. (pallet sizes vary)
  • Roughly $2,970–$7,480 per average lawn sized at 10,000 sq. ft. in the U.S.

Navigating sod pricing can seem overwhelming with so many factors involved. However, we make it easy for you to get an instant sod quote—just enter your address and click a few buttons. No pressure quote.

How much does one pallet of sod cost?

Of course, the sod pricing is influenced by all the factors mentioned previously. Generally, most US farms prepare sod in three different palette sizes, allowing us to provide a rough estimate of the cost for one palette:

  • 399 sq. ft. ≈ $120–$300
  • 452 sq. ft. ≈ $135–$340
  • 503 sq. ft. ≈ $150–$377

Sod Prices by Grass Species

Navigating sod costs requires a closer look at the expenses tied to various grass varities, such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, and others. Take a look at these estimated per palette, per square foot prices based on grass type.

How much is a sod delivery fee?

For most companies, sod delivery fees are anywhere from $50-$400. This depends on the amount of sod you purchase and how far the driver has to go to deliver the sod. Your geographical location may be a factor as well. Delivery in Charlotte, NC may not cost the same as delivery in Foley, AL, for example.

How much does professional sod installation cost?

Prices for professional sod installation vary due to several factors: the size of your yard, how much sod you need, where you live, the rates sod installers charge, and the lawn preparation required, among other things. Generally, professional sod installation adds $1.00–$2.00 per square foot to the cost of buying the sod and getting it delivered.

Where can I buy sod near me?

Finding a quality sod farm can be daunting. Many of us wonder “who sells the best sod?”, or “who sells the cheapest sod?” or “what farm has the best sod?”. We get it, that’s a lot of questions to find answers to.

You can ask your local friends & family or community members for recommendations. Maybe you have a friend who is a landscaper. That would be a good go-to if you do. If not, we can help find a sod farm near you with availability. We work directly with sod producers and have for 30 years, our team members are even on-site often to check in on the grass growing and ensure the quality.

How much does sod cost? – Answered

We’ve covered that the cost of a sod pallet is influenced by a number of factors: grass species, lawn size, geographic location, the specific sod producer, and the methods used for harvesting and preparing the sod pallets. In general you can estimate to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500, not including tools or installation costs.

Prices vary so widely, that it is crucial to understand these factors for budgeting. You can simplify your decision-making with our online quote tool or go it on your own. Whether you utilize our tool or navigate the process independently, we wish you the best of luck and congratulations in advance on your new, lush lawn.

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