Five Great Lawn Care Books to Add to Your Library

Five Great Lawn Care Books to Add to Your Library

Five Great Lawn Care Books to Add to Your Library

Many Sod U readers are have asked us for recommendations on the best lawn care books that contain solid, helpful information. The following list is made up of five books that we would recommend to readers who want to expand their knowledge of lawn and yard care. Choose a book or two from the list for yourself or as a gift.

  1. The Lawn Bible by David Mellor 

Though it has been out for years, this book is still popular for good reason. Fenway Park’s groundskeeper, David Mellor, shares all of his secrets for keeping a gorgeous lawn. The book introduces “the Gospel of grass”, which includes everything from soil health to wear and tear and best mowing practices. Mellor’s The Lawn Bible is filled with illustrations and trouble-shooting solutions that are sure to benefit any homeowner who wants a lawn as green and healthy as Fenway Park itself.

  1. Good Weed Bad Weed by Nancy Gift

This handy little book is a simple guide to weeds. Photographs and helpful identifying information about the most common and rare weeds make this book a great go-to when handling weeds. Gift does an excellent job of helping the reader understand which weeds are “bad” and how to get rid of them and which weeds are “good”, offering explanations as to why it may be best to let them stay put.

  1. The Lawn Problem Solver by Ortho

Perfect for keeping in your garden shed and using as you work, this waterproof lawn guide is focused on the maintenance of a healthy lawn by way of identifying and solving lawn issues. The easy to use format and helpful photos and explanations make this book perfect for homeowners who want to gain a working understanding of how to keep a healthy, green lawn no matter what issues arise.

  1. How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work by Jeff Brendenberg

Unlike many of the other books on this list, How to Cheat is light on the pictures and heavy on the text—the result in an in-depth book about not only lawn care, but also gardening information. Full of explanations and cheat-sheet style guides, this book aims to teach the reader about how to make a beautiful lawn and garden with less time and money than it traditionally takes to do so.

  1. The Everything Lawn Care Book by Douglas Green

This complete and comprehensive lawn care book is a great overview for first-time homeowners who need a catchall guide. From selecting the best grass for a specific climate to learning basic mowing, watering, fertilization, and disease prevention techniques, this book does an excellent job of hitting all of the most important lawn maintenance categories.

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