Bermudagrass 101

Bermudagrass 101


Bermudagrass 101

Bermudagrass is often the turf of choice in the Southern United States, coast to coast, and even through areas north of that region into areas known as the transition zone. Why?

The many reasons for its ever-increasing popularity go well beyond its natural attractiveness.


  • Native to Africa and Asia, no one is exactly sure when it first was introduced to America. The earliest recorded mention of Bermudagrass is in Mease’s Geological Account of the United States, published in 1807, which mentions it as a major grass in the United States, respected sources explain.


  • Bermudagrass was used widely in golf courses in the 1900s and was adapted in the 1940s to a lower-growing variety, according to Arizona Cooperative Extension. Since the 1960s, much research and effort has been successfully put into developing and releasing different varieties, with smaller leaves and greater resistance toward changes in climate.


  • Today’s best Bermudagrasses exhibit excellent resistance to heat and drought. That translates to a low water use rate, a clear advantage to this grass alternative.


  • It exhibits particularly dense sod formation. Who doesn’t prefer an attractive grass that literally leaves little room, if any, for weed formation?


  • Bermudagrass is a friend to many types of soils. That enviable tolerance of a wide array of soil pH ranges also helps explain its popularity.


  • Bermudagrass is especially hardy, flourishing on hard soil and shallow surfaces alike. It also exhibits good tolerance to salty water and conditions.

Being easy to establish and very traffic-friendly helps further explain why much research continues behind this extremely popular choice of turf. The Celebration®, Latitude36, and NorthBridge™ brands have especially captured the attention of discerning homeowners, golf course superintendents and park and rec professionals in recent years…and for good reason.

Sod Solutions Bermudagrass varieties:
Allianz Park
Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass
Discovery™ Bermudagrass

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