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Lawnifi’s Complete Year-Round Lawn Care Program

When you think about spending time outside in your yard, you probably envision things like running around with your kids and a soccer ball, inviting neighbors out for a cook-out, or playing with your kids in the sprinkler on a hot summer day. What likely doesn’t come to mind is spending hours outside doing yard work. Your lawn is meant to be enjoyed—not constantly worked on.

If you love your lawn as much as we do, then you want to feed it with the best nutrition possible and protect it from weeds, pests and disease—but you may not always know what’s best to use.

If this sounds like you, the Lawnifi® Complete Program may be the solution to these problems! The Lawnifi Complete Program is a lawn care subscription plan that sends seasonal products to your door three times a year. With products selected by our turfgrass experts, each shipment will contain the essentials your lawn craves at the beginning of each season.

We know that every type of grass is different. The Lawnifi Complete Program also comes in several different variations to match grass-specific needs. Save time and money on lawn care products that will have your lawn looking its best all year long.

Meets Seasonal and Grass-Specific Needs

As seasons change and the year progresses, soil temperatures also change and as a result, so does your lawn’s needs. In the spring, certain grass types require nutrients to help them transition from winter dormancy into the spring season, for example. Depending on the type of grass you have, your lawn may endure more disease and weed pressure in the spring and fall.

The Lawnifi Complete Program ensures your grass gets the whole kit and caboodle in one click.

Delivered to Your Door-Step

Have you ever gone to your local hardware store and stood in front of the shelves with endless options for lawn care? Let us do the work for you. Our team of turfgrass professionals have selected the best products for your lawn for the spring, summer and fall seasons. Skip trips to the store with door-step deliveries at the start of each season.

What Comes In It

The contents of each Lawnifi Complete Program bundle varies between season and grass type. However, our Lawnifi Complete Program will come with:

  • Broad-spectrum disease prevention that stands up to the most common diseases your grass type may be vulnerable to.
  • Weed prevention that will be applied either in the spring, fall, or both to stop weeds in their tracks before they even get a chance to appear and compete for space and sunlight.
  • Seasonal nutrition that provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs as seasons change
  • Broad-spectrum insect prevention that will fight off the most damaging and harmful insects for your grass type.

Comes with Clear Application Instructions

In addition to the challenge of purchasing the right product comes the hurdle of applying it correctly. This can be really unnerving if you don’t know what you’re doing. With the Lawnifi Complete Program, we empower you with clear application rates and instructions so you can feel safer applying products to your landscape.

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