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The Best Lawn Care Tools for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to revive your lawn after the coldest time of the year and prepare it for warmer temperatures. Fortunately, there are various tools that can make seasonal lawn maintenance simple for every homeowner.

Whether you are an experienced lawn guru or just starting with lawn care, being outdoors as temperatures warm can uplift your mood. 

Read on for a list of some of our favorite lawn care tools and supplies.

1. Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box

The Lawnifi® Spring Fertilizer Box contains two bottles of Boost and a single bottle of Maintain, both of which are liquid fertilizers in 32-oz. bottles that cover 5,000 sq. ft. each. These two fertilizers help deepen the green appearance of your lawn and prepare it for stressful summer temperatures in the future.

Make the first application of Maintain at the beginning of spring to promote healthy roots and the return of green leaf blades after winter dormancy. Apply Boost in the middle of spring. Due to its time-release formula, Boost will give your grass immediate and season-long greening effects.

Use the last bottle of Maintain fertilizer in late spring to prepare your grass for summer heat and stress. Powered by CatalystTM Technology, fertilizer nutrients are nano-sized for increased nutrient uptake and efficiency while using less product.

2. Grass Plugs

A grass plug is a single turf plant cultivated in a tray. While their sizes might vary, they typically range from 1.5–3 inches in length and width. When planted between 9–12 inches apart, they will gradually spread and fill in to produce a stable ground cover of the grass of your choice.

When sod or seed is unavailable or impractical, grass plugs are an excellent way to establish a lawn or repair damaged portions of the lawn. You can use grass plugs to test the performance of a particular grass type in your yard.

You must plant grass plugs approximately 9–12 inches apart in the grid for optimal results. Plugs typically fully develop in 6–12 months, depending on the planting season, environment and the variety of the plug chosen.

3. SpeedZone Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf

SpeedZone Broadleaf Herbicide is a selective post-emergent herbicide, which can seem like a mouthful. In layman’s terms, this herbicide treats any currently existing weeds in your lawn without causing damage to your lawn if applied properly. The solution effectively eradicates many challenging broadleaf weeds such as clover, pennywort, spurge, ground ivy, plantain and dandelion.

The active ingredients in this solution promote quick weed control and produce effective results. It is an odorless formulation and manages broadleaf weeds on warm and cool season lawns. One gallon of SpeedZone Broadleaf product covers 71,000–171,000 sq. ft. The coverage differs depending on the usage and application mentioned on the label.

4. Heritage G Fungicide

A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide called Heritage G Fungicide prevents and treats turfgrass diseases like gray leaf spot, large patch, brown patch, pink snow mold, stem rust and various other diseases.

You can check the label for a full list of turfgrass diseases on the product label. The product contains 0.31% Azoxystrobin that controls up to 20 turfgrass diseases for intervals of up to 28 days.

It also controls turfgrass diseases linked to seed germination and can be used when overseeding dormant grass. It is available in granules that are lighter in weight and cover a larger surface than conventional granules.

5. Merit 0.5 G Insect Control

Merit 0.5 is a broad-spectrum granular insect control product that controls commonly occurring turf and ornamental pests such as billbugs, mole crickets, chinch bugs, beetles, white grubs and more. Merit .5G is powered by Imidacloprid and can cover 16,000–21,000 sq. feet; the coverage varies based on how the application is used. Refer to the product label for more details on application instructions and a full list of the insects it controls.

6. Lawnifi Recover

Lawnifi Recover is a powerful, balanced liquid nutrition package specially formulated to help a lawn fight through stressful environments. It’s specifically intended to help damaged lawns recover, as its name indicates. In this case, it can help revive any heat-stressed, brown patches in your lawn. You can purchase Recover as an individual bottle on our website or find it in the Summer Fertilizer Box and Fall Fertilizer Box.

7. Black and Decker Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)

Looking for a new leaf blower? Instantly start this Black and Decker electric leaf blower and clear your yard in minutes. It has an efficient and powerful motor that quickly cleans up debris and leaves from driveways, lawns, decks and sidewalks.

The cord retention feature prevents interruptions and disturbances during clean-up. It has a lightweight motor weighing up to 4.4 lbs and an airspeed that can reach 180 mph.

8. Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer for Liquid Weed and Insect Killer, Fungicide, Fertilizer with 14 Dilution Settings

The Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer is a perfect tool for controlling weeds, insects and disease in your lawn. Included with it is a dilution setting that automatically dilutes the solution from 1 tsp. to 8 oz. per gallon of water. Additionally, it has a well-designed trigger, rotating hose connector, extended grip handle and an anti-backflow device that prevents the product from going back into the water system. 

9. Yard Butler ID-6C Manual Lawn Coring Aerator

The Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator revitalizes worn-out lawns. It minimizes compaction and dethatches your lawn while allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your lawn by removing two 3.5-inch cores.

The Yard Butler lawn aerator tool is durable and made of sturdy steel. The steel includes a heavy-duty, rust-resistant powder coating. The handles have padding, improving grip and providing more support while holding it.

This technology offers high performance and ensures a healthy and robust root system which is promising for the survival of your grass. This device minimizes water run-off, enhances heat and drought tolerance and minimizes the use of unnecessary fertilizers. This tool is easy to use and offers extra leverage for a comfortable and quick push which helps you aerate your lawn quickly and efficiently.

Get ahead of the game and prepare for the upcoming season with the tools and technologies mentioned above. Selected for their ability to enhance the growth of your grass and strengthen its roots, a healthy lawn this spring encourages a healthy lawn for the rest of the year.

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