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How To Apply Granular Lawn Care Products

How to Apply Granular Lawn Care Products

As many homeowners know, a significant part of lawn and garden care is regularly applying herbicides and fertilizers to the yard. While there are many options to consider for treating home lawns, granular products remain a popular choice for both turfgrass and garden plants alike. Knowing how to apply liquid lawn care products is a big part of lawn care.

Unlike liquid products, granular fertilizer products and fungicides do not require a spray tank or a hose for application. Instead, it is distributed across lawns using a spreader.

As with any other lawn care product, some basic safety knowledge is necessary when working with granular chemicals. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about granular products and how to apply them to your lawn and garden.

Safety Tips for Applying Granular Products

Before using any lawn care products, it’s essential to read the entire label and follow directions as stated. Granular products may vary slightly, thus requiring different amounts for application. Additionally, some granular products are not suited for all grass types.

In can be hazardous to apply a granular product that is not compatible with your lawn may not be as effective and can even cause damage to the grass. Therefore, be sure to select a control product or fertilizer that is appropriate for your lawn and follow directions precisely. Other details to look for are mix rates and how much of an area a single product will cover.

When handling granular chemicals, always wear proper protective gear. This includes long sleeves, gloves and safety goggles. Avoid touching granular products with your skin, as doing so may cause irritation and burns.

Choose a Type of Spreader

There are two types of spreaders for granular products—broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. A broadcast lawn spreader, as the name suggests, will broadcast the granules in all directions as you spread the product across your lawn. This makes it suitable for large areas, as it distributes the product faster and more efficiently.

A drop spreader, on the other hand, spreads the granules more precisely. Instead of spreading it in all directions, it simply drops it straight down onto the ground. 

Both types of spreaders also distribute the granules at different speeds depending on your walking pace. Broadcast spreaders spread granules at the rate you walk, while a drop spreader spreads products at the same rate regardless of your speed.

Both types are excellent options for a fertilizer spreader, as well as a spreader for control products. Learn more about their differences here.

Set the Flow Rate

To ensure proper distribution of granules to your lawn, it’s critical to set the correct flow rate to your spreader. The flow rate will determine how much of the product is released to your yard. To identify the flow rate for your specific product, read the label thoroughly before application. The label will list the flow rate and the correct amount of granules for coverage of an area.

Fill the Lawn Spreader

Before loading the spreader with granular products, make sure the flow rate switch is turned off. To avoid chemical burns to your lawn, load the spreader in the driveway or garage rather than on your grass. Once you are ready to spread the product throughout your lawn, turn the flow rate to the setting listed on the label.

Patterns for Spreading

Choosing a walking pattern is important to prevent over-spreading granules to your lawn or garden. The easiest method is to create rows in your yard by the granules being spread. Simply walk the length of your lawn at a speed comfortable for you. Once you reach the end of your yard’s length, put the spreader guard down, turn the spreader to the next row, and remove the spreader guard.

Continue walking the length of your lawn, making sure the granules spread to the tire marks of the previous row. At the end of each line, place the spreader guard down to avoid staining any concrete.

Water the Granules In

After spreading the granules evenly throughout your lawn, use a hose or sprinkler to water the product. This will release the granule’s active ingredient, thus promoting effective results. As always, follow the directions on your product’s label to confirm if watering a product in is necessary for the type of product being used.

Whether you’re planning to apply granular control product for lawns or granular fertilizer, spreading the products on your lawn is an easy process. As with any other chemical, read the label thoroughly before working with granular products. Read all safety instructions and follow directions as stated to avoid any mistakes during application.

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